Visual arts chapter 8 test 1

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Except in the case of _______ , identical multiple impressions are printed to create editions in printmaking


If a print is numbered 4/100, what information can be deciphered?

There is 99 prints in the edition

The printing technique invented by a German play write in search of an inexpensive means of publishing his plays is


Which is not one of the four basic printmaking process


The earliest known printed book contains the earliest surviving woodcut image. The book was made in the 9th century CE in


A rubber stamp creates what type of print


Printing impressions on top of one another from separate blocks in order to achieve full color woodcut prints requires careful alignment of the paper, known as


What are two main differences between prints and most other forms of art

Prints are made using an indirect process, and this process results in multiples of the same images

One of the main differences between the intaglio and the relief printing processes is that with intaglio the ink ______ the surface of the printing plate

Lies below

The earliest known woodcut was made in


Which of the following is not one of the techniques of intaglio printing


Which of the following printing techniques is especially capable of producing subtle shades of grey


In printmaking, a plate or block will be canceled so that

Scribbled over work so it can be printed on again

Serigraphy means literally

Screen printing- a method of creating an image by pressing ink through a screen with areas blocked off by stencil

Singing their songs was created by

Elizabeth Catlett

Lithography is a _______ process, which means that the printing surface is flat, not raised


Although wood engraving sounds like an intaglio process is actually a ______ process


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