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The tongue weight of a trailer should be what percent of the Gross Trailer Weight Rating (GTWR)?

5 to 15%

Trailer ratings are based on what?

The total weight of the trailer and boat

Which class of trailer hitch is best suited for a boat and its equipment weighing less than 2,000 pounds?

Class I

Which of the following is considered a safe refueling practice?

Closing all hatches and doors while refueling

Water current has the greatest effect on which type of boat?

Displacement sailboat

What should you do when operating a boat in large waves and high wind?

Head into the waves at a slight angle and reduce speed

Gasoline and propane fumes are most likely to accumulate in what part of the boat?


When retrieving a boat at a ramp what should be avoided?

Power loading onto the trailer

How much fuel is it illegal to spill overboard?

Any amount that causes a sheen

Who should you call first if you have an oil or fuel spill?

U.S. Coast Guard National Response Center

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