Using Triangle Similarity Theorems

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Use the converse of the side-splitter theorem to determine if TU || RS. Which statement is true?

a. Line segment TU is parallel to line segment RS because 32/36 = 40/45.

Points O and N are midpoints of the sides of triangle DEF.

What is DM?

c. 38 cm

Points A and B are midpoints of the sides of triangle QRS.
What is SA?

c. 4 m

Consider the paragraph proof.
Given: D is the midpoint of AB, and E the midpoint of AC.
Prove: DE = 1/2 BC
Which is the missing information in the proof?

a. a

If V is the midpoint of QS and W is the midpoint of RS, then what is VS?

d. 20 units

What is the length of DC?

b. 3 units

If CX = 5 units, then DZ = _______ units.


Using the side splitter theorem, which segment length would complete the proportion?
GH/HE = ?/JF

c. GJ

Which statements about triangle JKL are true? Check all that apply.

N is the midpoint of line segment JL. MN = 1/2 KJ

Points A, B, and C are midpoints of the sides of right triangle DEF.
Which statements are true? Check all that apply. (The formula for the area of a triangle is A = 1/2bh.)

AC = 5 cm BA = 4 cm The perimeter of triangle ABC = 12 cm

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