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We’re not sure if the tickets are for the preview night, the opening night, this weekend or next week.

Which best describes the punctuation error in the sentence?

d. There should be a comma after "weekend."

The entire first period class agreed that yesterday’s algebra homework which the teacher assigned was a really fun challenge.

How should the writer revise the punctuation in the sentence so that it is grammatically correct?

c. Insert commas around "which the teacher assigned" because it is a nonrestrictive element.

A writer should hyphenate a compound modifier that

c. comes before the noun it modifies.

A _____________________ is used to connect words or word parts.


When a descriptive word, phrase, or clause is essential to the meaning of a sentence, that element is

d. restrictive

Which types of punctuation can be used to set off a nonrestrictive element in a sentence? Check all that apply.

a. commas b. dashes d. parentheses

We could choose one of three ice cream flavors that had strawberries: cherries; and blueberries; chocolate chips: peanut butter, and fudge; or almonds: walnuts and pecans.

What is the correct way to revise the punctuation in the sentence?

a. We could choose one of three ice cream flavors that had strawberries, cherries, and blueberries; chocolate chips, peanut butter, and fudge; or almonds, walnuts, and pecans.

Hanna and Ai-Lin had to wait in line for three hours to buy concert tickets. Then, they had to park a mile away and wait for forty five minutes to get into the stadium. Over one thousand people attended the concert!

To correct the punctuation error in the passage, the writer should hyphenate

c. "forty five."

Which lists are punctuated correctly? Check all that apply.

b. The plant came in three varieties: yellow, pink, and white flowers; orange, pink, and yellow flowers; and plain white flowers. c. I arranged my schedule so that I have study hall first thing in the morning on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. e. Because Shira could sing, dance, and act, she decided to audition for the school’s annual spring musical.

Sometimes hyphens are used to link words that work together to modify a single noun. These linked words are called

a. compound modifiers.

When items in a list already contain commas, the writer should separate the items in the list using

d. semicolons.

We’re performing a scene from my favorite book (the second in the trilogy).

Which best explains the writer’s use of punctuation in the sentence?

a. The writer correctly uses parentheses to de-emphasize a nonrestrictive element in the sentence.

Our band practices on Mondays at Josef’s Thursdays at Lena’s and Saturdays at my house.

What is the correct way to punctuate the sentence?

a. Our band practices on Mondays at Josef’s, Thursdays at Lena’s, and Saturdays at my house.

Which sentences contain phrases that are hyphenated correctly? Check all that apply.

b. The recipe only uses one-sixteenth of a cup of sugar per thirty-two cupcakes. c. We planted forty-two trees, but the twenty-two apple trees were my favorites. e. We had to memorize twenty-one verses, which was only one-half of the poem.

Which sentence contains a list that is punctuated correctly?

b. One day, I hope to own a blue car, a purple motorcycle, and a yellow truck.

My brother who is a superb actor will audition tomorrow for a film role.

How should the writer punctuate the underlined nonrestrictive clause in order to emphasize it?

d. My brother—who is a superb actor—will audition tomorrow for a film role.

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