US History1 1.2.8 Jamestown Apex

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What was the purpose of the Jamestown colony

To make money for the Virginia company

Why did the Virginia Company establish the colony at Jamestown

To make money for the company

How did the Jamestown colony make money for the Virginia Company

Growing and selling tobacco

What was indentured servititude

A system that allowed people to work in return for passage to America

How did many poor people from Europe get to the New World?

By becoming indentured servants

What system allowed people free passage to the colonies in return for a promise to work?

Indentured servitude

What was the headright system?

A promise to give land to people who settled in Virginia

What system promised land to people who agreed to settle in Virginia

The headright system

What did the headright system do?

Gave land to settlers in Virginia

Why were so many people willing to become indentured servants?

It was a chance to have a better life.

What did indentured servitude offer to people?

A chance at a better life.

What was a way for a poor person in Europe to have a chance at a better life?

Being an indentured servant

What was a common consequence of Sir Edwin Sandy’s system of indentured servitude

The death of many servants

What did Sir Edwin Sandys hope for when he set up the headright system and indentured servitude in Jamestown?

More money for the Virginia Company

What was the main reason Sir Edwin Sandys wanted more women to come in Jamestown as indentured servants?

Men would work harder if they had families

What was the goal of many of the first settlers to Jamestown?

To get rich quickly

Many early Jamestown settlers aimed to get rich quickly by

Looking for gold

A major change occurred in Jamestown as settlers decided their best opportunity was to

grow tobacco

John Rolfe changed life at Jamestown by

Introducing tobacco as a cash crop

How did tobacco farming change settlement at Jamestown?

It increased the demand for labor

What problem was caused by the quick growth of tobacco farming in Jamestown

a need for labor

Which of these was true about indentured servants in Jamestown

They had few rights under their contract

An indentured servant brought to Jamestown and other colonies was given freedom once

The servant worked for the full length of their contract

What was an effect of the headright system on Jamestown

The colony grew larger

Use of the headright system in Jamestown resulted in

An increasing difference between wealthy landowners and workers

Advertisements by the Virginia Company to promote Jamestown most likely pointed out

Opportunities for workers and investors

what caused an increasing difference between wealthy landowners and workers in Jamestown?

The headright system resulted in wealthy becoming wealthier and no benefits for the workers

Sir Edwin Sandys wanted to

Increase the size of Jamestown

Sir Edwin Sandys tried to solve the labor shortage in Jamestown through

promoting the creation of families in Jamestown

Sir Edwin Sandys’ plan for getting more labor to Jamestown included attracting women to the colony, promoting indentured servitude, and

Giving land to those who paid for passge of workers

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