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The first major domestic crisis of the US government under the Constitution resulted from

the tax on whiskey.

This quotation represents a major principle of US foreign policy known as _______, first espoused in the famous farewell address by President George Washington.


The XYZ Affair (1797) led to near formal war with


When Virginia and Kentucky in the late 1700’s and South Carolina in the 1830’s refused to follow federal law they were practicing


The first American political party to successfully have a President in office was the


The first major political issue faced by the US government after the ratification of the Constitution concerned the proposal of Alexander Hamilton to establish a

National Bank.

Which of the these was a precedent set by the first President of the United States, George Washington?

the tradition of only serving two terms.

Fundamentally, the dispute between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton during the Washington administration came down to the fact that

Jefferson thought a strong central government would infringe on the rights of the people, while Hamilton believed that the central government needed to be strong to protect the rights of all.

During George Washington’s presidency, what was the major reason for conflict between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton?

Hamilton’s objection to Jefferson’s strict interpretation of the Constitution.

Alexander Hamilton based much of his financial program on his belief that

the success of the new government required the support of the upper class.

Political parties appeared in the United States shortly after the Constitution was adopted because

differences arose over political and economic issues.

Alexander Hamilton’s plan for a "national bank" was politically significant because

it caused the first direct conflict between supporters of strict interpretation versus loose interpretation of the Constitution.

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson disagreed over the proposed "National Bank" based on which issue?

whether or not the Constitution gives the national government the power to establish the bank.

The political followers of Thomas Jefferson took up the name "Democratic-Republicans," preferring

a decentralized government with specific political powers.

Based on the diplomatic philosophy of Washington, the United States did NOT become involved in what conflict?

The French Revolution.

Washington is urging future American leaders to

keep freedom of religion the most important American right.

When Madison uses the word faction, he is MOST likely be referring to

political parties.

What is the BEST explanation for the limited role of the government in the national economy in the years following the American Revolution?

It evolved as a reaction to the oppressive economic policies that existed during the colonial era.

According to the timeline, which political party was founded by a "Founding Father?"


Which constitutional idea did Alexander Hamilton use to argue for the ability to collect taxes?

Necessary and proper.

Which of these is one way President Washington helped to calm citizens’ anxiety in his Farewell Address?

by listing steps for America to remain a strong country.

According to the Farewell Address, which of these BEST explains Washington’s view on religion?

Religion plays a large role in the United States’ political success.

According to this image, to whom was the Farewell Address directed?

only those who lived in the United States.

Which of these is an example of sectionalism?

all states having separate economies.

Which of these actions is an example of American leaders following the advice President Washington gave in his Farewell Address?

the end of the French-American alliance in 1800, which ended the Quasi-War.

According to George Washington’s Farewell Address, which of these is MOST important to sustaining the United States and will be MOST frequently attacked by enemies?

unity of the states.

Which of these BEST describes the advice George Washington gave Americans about relationships with foreign powers in his Farewell Address?

America should form temporary alliances with foreign nations only in extraordinary emergencies.

The Whiskey Rebellion was significant in U.S. history MAINLY because

the federal government used force to enforce the laws of the land.

Which of these BEST describes the purpose of the Alien and Sedition Acts?

They were aimed at people who were criticizing President Adams’ foreign policy.

Why were the Alien and Sedition Acts controversial?

Many thought they violated the Constitution.

By which name is this diplomatic controversy better known?

the XYZ Affair.

Which Federalist Era domestic crisis represented the first major test of the national government’s ability to enforce its laws within the states?

the Whiskey Rebellion.

What was the major reason for conflicts regarding domestic issues between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton?

Hamilton objected to Jefferson’s interpretation of the Constitution.

Which of these would have MOST favored the financial plans of Alexander Hamilton?

banks in northern states.

What was the MAIN difference in the beliefs of the earliest political parties?

the power of government.

– led by Alexander Hamilton
– favored a strong central government
– supported by businessmen, bankers, and merchants

Which early American political party are these facts describing?

the Federalists.

– led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
– favored stronger state and local governments
– supported by planters, farmers, and craftsmen

Which early American political party are these facts describing?

the Democratic-Republicans

Thomas Jefferson

– Led the Democratic-Republicans – Favored involvement in French Revolution – Strict reading of the Constitution – Served as Secretary of State and as Vice President, too

Alexander Hamilton

– Favored a national bank – Favored an industrial economy – Favored strong central authority – Friendlier to Britain

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