US History- Turmoil at home and abroad

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Vietnamization meant:

there would be a gradual withdrawal of American troops from South Vietnam. the South Vietnamese would take greater responsibility for the fighting.

The invasion of Laos was the first test of _____.

total containment

How many Americans had died in the Vietnam War by the time Nixon took office in January 1969?


In response to the U.S. invasion of Cambodia, Congress _____.

forbade the use of U.S. troops in Cambodia and Laos

President Nixon met with Soviet premier and reached agreements on two important Cold War treaties.

Leonid Brezhnev

Besides issuing the oil embargo, what other things did OPEC do in 1973?

raised the price of oil cut oil production

An increase of currency in relation to the amount of goods available resulting in higher prices is called


The House Judiciary Committee issued three articles of impeachment against President Nixon. What were they?

abuse of power obstruction of justice contempt of Congress

This individual turned out to be the famous Deep Throat informant during the Watergate scandal.

William Mark Felt

Which of the following people were involved in the Watergate burglary?

G. Gordon Liddy E. Howard Hunt

If a person is , it means he/she is not perfect or might be prone to mistakes.


Two of the conditions agreed upon to bring an end to the Vietnam War were:

Democratic elections would be held in South Vietnam. American POWs in North Vietnam would be freed.

fell to the Communists on April 30, 1975.


The last leader of South Vietnam was _____.

Duong Van Minh

The U.S. evacuated Vietnamese _____.

whose lives were at risk if they stayed behind

Which of the following women was a major player in the women’s liberation movement during the 1970s?

Gloria Steinem

In which year was the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution ratified?


Which of the following things have come into existence in the past thirty years that have given more rights to women in this country?

They are entitled to equal pay for equal work They are protected by sexual harassment laws.

The Equal Rights Amendment was originally introduced by Alice Paul in _____.


Which of the following women was involved with opposing the Equal Rights Amendment, working to ensure it was not ratified?

Phyllis Schlafly

What were two of the most controversial domestic issues facing Americans during the early part of the 1970s?

the Supreme Court ruling of Roe. V. Wade the relaxation of immigration laws

What are two things that helped cause a major recession in America during the early 1970s?

stagnating economy massive Federal debt

One gigabyte is equal to more than a kilobytes.


Which of the following were classic Vietnam War movies that came out in the ’70s?

The Deer Hunter Apocalypse Now

What did the Immigration Act of 1965 do?

It opened the door to almost unlimited immigration.

Affirmative action policies were originally designed to _____.

eliminate unfair hiring practices against minorities and women

One of the scandals that hit the Carter administration was when his brother accepted money from .


Jimmy Carter was governor of what state before becoming president?


The Broadcasting Network became one of the larger television networks.


Which U.S. president was greatly helped by the Moral Majority in getting elected?

Ronald Reagan

This Christian organization placed an emphasis on communal living and self-sacrifice.

Children of God


not believing in the existence of God or other supernatural beings


the approach or organization used to adhere to a principle


a Christian who emphasizes a belief in the Bible and salvation

What nation stepped in to help mediate an end to the Iranian hostage crisis?


Why would Congress not ratify the SALT II treaty?

Russian combat troops were found in Cuba. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.

Iran’s Shah was a big ally of the United States.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

What right did the U.S. retain when it gave the Panama Canal away?

the right to protect the canal

According to the lesson, which U.S. President opened up diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China?

Richard Nixon

What event severely weakened the U.S. economy in 1973?

the OPEC oil embargo

Richard Nixon was first elected president in and resigned in .

1968 1974

What were two things that greatly helped the women’s rights movement during the 1960s?

The Feminine Mystique Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Which best explains why President Nixon decide to bomb, and then invade, Cambodia?

to destroy Communist strongholds and strengthen South Vietnam

The Papers revealed that few government officials felt the war in Vietnam was winnable.


How many states ended up ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment?


Bangladesh became a nation.

Indo-Pakistani War

Nuclear arsenals were greatly reduced.

SALT II talks

Israel fought against Egypt and Syria.

Yom Kippur War

Egypt and Israel agreed to a treaty.

Camp David Accords

American hostages were taken following this.

Iranian Revolution

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