US History Module 3

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Which of these U.S. actions was supported by the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine?

The United States helps the Dominican Republic with debt issues in 1905.

Which statement describes President Theodore Roosevelt’s attitude about U.S. relations with Latin America? (3 points)

The United States should help Latin American nations gain independence from European powers.

Which of the following was a U.S. response to the publication of Alfred Thayer Mahan’s book, The Influence of Sea Power Upon History? (3 points)

annexation of the Hawaiian Islands

Which territorial acquisition was the result of a rebellion supported by the U.S. military? (2 points)


". . . the provisional government owes its existence to an armed invasion by the United States. By an act of war … a substantial wrong has been done."-President Grover Cleveland
To which territorial acquisition does Cleveland refer in this statement?


The United States’ annexation of Hawaii was associated with which type of policy? (3 points)


Commodore Dewey was involved in which of the following? (2 points)

the U.S. victory over Spain in the Pacific

Which of the following was a consequence of the United States’ victory in the Spanish-American War? (3 points)

The United States gained control of numerous overseas possessions.

Which of the following did the United States gain as a result of its possession of the Panama Canal Zone? (3 points)

an inexpensive labor market

Why did the United States aid the efforts of Panamanian rebels who wanted independence from Colombia? (3 points)

The Colombian government had blocked the United States’ efforts to secure rights to the Panama Canal Zone.

What action did the United States government take to mobilize for World War I? (2 points)

drafting men into the army

Which factor contributed to the entry of the United States into World War I? (3 points)

German submarine attacks on American ships

What effect did the entry of the United States into World War I have on the course of the war? (3 points)

It opened a new front in the fighting.

Which of the following helped the federal government finance its efforts during World War I? (2 points)

war bonds

What was the purpose of the Creel Committee, also known as the Committee on Public Information? (3 points)

to influence public opinion to support the government’s efforts to win World War I

Which of the following was a result of the use of trench warfare during World War I? (2 points)

Soldiers experienced increasingly unsanitary conditions, including rat infestations.

Which weapon caused the fewest casualties in World War I? (2 points)


The use of submarines during World War I had which of these effects? (3 points)

It made it difficult for merchants to bring supplies to the Allies.

What was the main role of U.S. soldiers who fought in World War I? (3 points)

launching a major offensive against Germany

During World War I, Native Americans were noted for which of these contributions to the war effort? (3 points)

contributions to the medical corps

Which group included the only U.S. soldiers who were used as reinforcements for Allied units and put under foreign command during World War I? (3 points)

African Americans

Which of these groups faced the most discrimination in the United States during World War I? (3 points)

Jewish Americans

Which of the following took place soon after Puerto Ricans were granted U.S. citizenship? (3 points)

Puerto Rican men were required to sign up for the draft and fight for the U.S.

What resulted from the voluntary military service of thousands of Native Americans during World War I? (3 points)

Native American veterans gained U.S. citizenship after the war ended.

The Treaty of Versailles placed the blame for World War I on which nation? (2 points)


Which argument did the Senators who opposed joining the League of Nations make? (3 points)

Membership in the League could draw the United States into future wars.

Which factor explains the rise of isolationist sentiment in the United States during the decade after World War I? (3 points)

the desire to avoid entanglement in foreign conflicts

What factor contributed the most to the Depression of 1920-21? (2 points)


How did demobilization following WWI impact racism in the United States? (3 points)

It increased racism because African Americans held jobs that returning white soldiers wanted.

How did the Dawes Plan increase the stability of European nations? (3 points)

It provided the opportunity for quicker repayment of debts.

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