US History II Chapter 17 Section 1- The Origins of Progressivism

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Who was involved in the Social Welfare Movement?

Young Men’s Christian Association, Florence Kelley, and the Salvation Army.

What government act did the Social Welfare movement create?

Illinois Factory Act of 1893

What other things did the Social Welfare movement do besides the act?

Opened libraries, sponsored classes, built swimming pools and handball courts, fed the poor, cared for children, and helped poor immigrants.

Who was involved in the Moral reform movement?

Women’s Christian Temperance Union, Frances Willard, and the Anti-Saloon League.

What women’s group became the largest women’s group in American history? How many member did it have by the year 1911?

Women’s Christian Temperance Union, 245,000 members.

What things did the Moral reform movement do?

Urged saloonkeepers to stop selling alcohol, and worked for suffrage.

Who was involved in the Economic reform movement?

Eugene V. Debs, muckrakers, and Ida M. Tarbell.

Who were muckrakers?

Journalists that exposed bad things going on in the United States through their writing.

What party did the Economic reform movement organize in the year 1901?

American Socialist Party

What concept did the muckrakers criticize and what aspects of it did it criticize?

Big Business and the methods it used to abominate competition.

Who was involved in the Movement for Industrial Efficiency?

Louis D. Brandels and Frederick Winslow Taylor Henry Ford

What concept did Frederick Winslow Taylor Henry Ford found?


What was "Taylorism"?

The scientific management study that involved breaking down tasks to see how quickly they can be performed.

What success did the Movement for Industrial Efficiency experience?

Improved efficiency by breaking down tasks into smaller parts, and a reduced workday of only 8 hours and $5 a day.

Who was involved in the movement to protect workers?

National Child Labor Committee

What government act did the movement to protect workers create?

Keating-Owen Act of 1916, which prohibited the transportation of goods produced by children across state lines as a way to ban child labor.

Who was involved in the movements to reform local governments?

Texas legislature, five-member commission of experts, and the city of Galveston, Texas.

What happened to the city of Galveston, Texas?

It was destroyed by a tidal wave during a hurricane.

What happened as a result of this natural disaster?

Commission was taken as a form of government, a city council was formed, and the commission was administering cities by 1925.

Who was involved in the state reform of big business?

Robert M. La Follete, Charles B. Aycock, and James S. Hogg.

What did the state reform of big business do?

Regulated big business, taxed railroad property at the same rate as other business property, set up commission to regular rates, and forbade railroads to give free passes to state officials.

Who was involved in the movement for election reform?

William S. U’Ren, Oregon

What did the movement for election reform do?

Adapted secret ballot, the initiative, the referendum, and the recall.

What did the movement for election reform do for citizens?

It gave citizens the right to vote.

How many states adopted this procedure? By what year did they do so?

20 states, 1920.

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