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What problems did progressive reformer hope to slove?

Problems in the areas of politics and groverment, bussiness,social welfare, and labor condition

What role did journalist and other writes play in the progressive movement?

They wrote sensational reports on a variety of serious problems facing in US. Their works were widely published and widely read, and they motivated people to make reforms.

How did progressive work to help the poor?

They established settlement house that provide crucial services. That also worked to end child labor, improve eduction, and improve workplace condition

How did progressive reforms change local and state governments?

They gave citizens greater voice through the direct primary, the initiative, the referendum and recall. Progressive government officials worked for reforms in eduction, factories,voting and the environment.

What steps did women take to win workers’ rights?

They succeeded in several states to reduce the number of work hour for women, they formed the Women’s Trade Union League, which worked for a minimum wage and 8 hours work day and created the first workers’ strike fund.

What tactics did progressive women use to win the right to vote?

They lobbied congress to pass a constitution amendment, used the referendum process to pass state suffrage laws, recruited wealthy, well-eduction women to work for suffrage, and held protest marches and hunger strikes.

What attitude did most progressive hold about minorities and immigrants group?

Most were prejudiced against those who were nonwhite , nonProtestant, and non middle class, and they often worked to assimilate immigrant through Americanization.

Why did African American can other decide it was time to organize against discrimination?

Becoming organized not only took advantage of the greater number of people now living in urban areas. It also seres to give the reformer the strategic strength they needed to gain nationwide attention and support foe their cause.

What strategies did other minority group use to defend their rights?

These groups formed self help agencies and social justice organizations. Some groups took,legal action,

What did Roosevelt want his Square Deal program to achieve?

He want it to creat a fair honest, and just society in which everyone had an equal chance to succeed.

What impact did Roosevelt’s action have on the government’s role in the economy?

His actions greatly increased the role of the federal government in regulating and monitoring the economy and labor issues.

How did Roosevelt’s policies affect the environment?

Because of Roosevelt’s policies, national wild lands would be managed for their national resources, protecting them.

How did Taft’s policies compare with Teddy Roosevelt’s?

Taft took a stronger stance against trusts, supported government control over certain industries, encouraged Congress to propose a federal income tax, and did not lower tariffs as much as Roosevelt wished.

How did Republican division help Wilson win the presidency?

The information of the progressive party and it’s nom of Roosevelt as it’s presidential candidate split the republicans vote and caused Wilson to win the election.

What policies did Wilson pursue in support of his new freedom program?

Pursued laws that would give the government more power over tariffs, banks and trust.

What was the long term impact of the progressive Era on American life?

They established the idea that government can take action to help solve problems in society and the Economy.

What areas did progressive think were in need of the greatest reform?

The government, the urban poor, labor, and eduction.

Why were children allowed at the time to work at dangerous jobs, such as mining?

At the time there were no child labor laws to prevent it.

How does the political cartoon on page 213 illustrate the problems with many city government at the time?

It shows how corrupt leaders cheated citizens of service and tax money.

Why was the work of the work of the muckraker so effective in bringing about reform?

Their work was so effective because their sensational account were published widely, and widely read by millions of American.

Describe the triangles shirtwaist Fire. Are tragic events still motivators for reform? Why or why not.

March, 1911 workers had little chance to escape a raging fire that broke out because owners had locked the exits. The fire killed 146 people mostly young Jewish women.

How did women of progressive era make progress and win the right to vote?

Lobbied congress to pass the amendment, used the referendum process to pass state suffrage laws, held protest and hunger strikes.

Why would women want the right to vote?

Women wanted the right to vote so that they would gain political power to improve their lives.

Why was there so much resistance to women receiving the right to vote?

Man may have assumed that because women were less educated than men. They shouldn’t have a voice. Traditional gender roles of women being in charge of house and home.

What steps did minorities take to combat problems and discrimination ?

They united, formed social justice and self help agencies, took legal action, spoke out publically and ran for public office.

What did Roosevelt think governments should do for citizens?

He believed that the government’s role was to keep the powerful from taking advantage of smaller business and the poor so that everyone got a "square deal"

What was the different between John Muir and Gifford Pinchot as far as their philosophies on how to treat America’s wild areas?

Muir thought that all wild areas should be preserved, untouched. Pinchot believed that public, wild lands should be used and managed to the benefit of the citizens.

What steps did Wilson take to increase the grovenments’ role in the economy?

He encouraged congress to lower tariffs,reformed the banking system, and persuaded congress to establish the FTC and Clayton anti trust act

How did Wilson’s desire to end the eating club at Princeton reflect the ideas of progressivism?

It was an attempt at reform to end a perceived injustice.

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