Us history chapter 6 & 7

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In what ways did government policies encourage settlemet of the west?

The government strengthened the homestead act and passed more legislation to encourage settlers.

Why did farmers think that an increased money supply would help solve their economic problems?

The farmers thought that money supply would help solve their economic problems because the more money they had would equal to their loans.

What were some of the causes of farmers economic problems?

Some causes of farmers economic problems were competition.

What was the populist party platform?

The populist party platform was the economic reforms proposed by populists included an increase in the money supply which would produce a rise in prices received for goods and services.

what caused the panic of 1893?

the panic of 1893 was caused by the bankrupt of the reading railroad and the governments gold supply had worn thin.

why was the metal that backed paper currency such an important issue in the 1896 presidential campaign?

the metal that backed paper currency was such an important issue because after the Panic of 1893, the government’s supply of gold had worn thin. Without enough gold backing the paper money, the value of the US dollar would drop and it caused people to panic.

how did the growth of the steel industry influence the development of other industries?

it influenced the development of other industries by making it more efficient and cheap for companies like architects to build bridges and skyscrapers as high as they wanted to.

how did inventions and developments in the late 19th century change the way people worked?

19th century technological development enhanced the efficiency,speed and productivity with which people could do their job.

why did people, particularly farmers, demand regulation of the railroads in the late 19th century?

they demanded regulation of the railroads because it was expensive and they sold to other businesses rather than to settlers.

why were attempts at railroad regulation often unsuccessful?

the attempts at railroad regulation often were unsuccessful because of a long legal process and resistance from the railroads.

why were business leaders such as John D. Rockefeller called robber barons?

A "robber baron" was someone who employed any means necessary to enrich themselves at the expense of their competitors.

why did the south industrialize more slowly than the north did?

the south industrialized slower than the north did because of their lack of money from recovering from the civil war.

why did workers form unions in the late 19th century?

they wanted to improve their lot.

what factors limited the success of unions?

what limited the success of unions was the danger and long hours.

where did the greatest number of italian immigrants settle?

it was new york

from which country did the smallest percentage of immigrants come?

japan was the smallest percentage of immigrants that came.

what reasons did people from other parts of the world have for immigrating to the united states?

people immigrated to the united states because the united states seemed to promise work for everyone.

what difficulties did immigrants face in gaining admission to the united states?

the difficulties they faced was harsh questioning and a long detention in filthy, ramshackle buildings while they waited to be admitted or rejected.

how did immigrants deal with challenges they faced?

immigrants delt with their challenges by seeking out people who shared their cultural values, praticed their religion and spoke their native language.

explain the rise and fall of populism

The Populist movement arose as a revolt against the special privileges of industrialism and the American banking system. The Populist movement was a revolt by farmers in the South and Midwest against the Democratic and Republican Parties.

describe the journey immigrants endured and their experiences at ellis and angel island.

their journey took about 40 days to get to the island. on ellis island the immigrants had to do physical examinations which took about 5 hours and on angel island they were detained in a filthy building enduring harsh questioning.

examine the cause and effects of nativism and anti immigrant sentiment.

nativists wanted to restrict immigration. they feared that the chinese would steal the jobs because of accepting lower wages. chinese exclusion act was passed which banned lots of chinese people.

identify immigrants’ countries of origin.

ireland, germany, scandinavia, england, italy,russia,poland,mexico,china, and japan.

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