US History Chapter 24 -World War II-

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What is one result of World War II?

Colonial people renewed their drive for independence from European powers

How did population shifts change American life during the war?

The Southwest became a growing cultural, social, economic, and political force

What was the Westerbork to which Frank referred?

President Truman’s chief priority in using the atomic bomb against Japan was to

save American lives.

During the 1945 conference in Potsdam,

the Big Three formalized the plan to divide Germany into four zones of occupation.

Who made the decision to use the atomic bomb against Japan?

Harry S. Truman

The Allies adopted a "Europe First" strategy because

only Germany was considered a serious long-term threat.

What, in theory, was the purpose of concentration camps?

To convert Jews into members of the Third Reich

What did American leaders learn at Kasserine Pass in North Africa?

They needed aggressive officers and troops better trained for desert fighting

The largest Nazi death camp was located at

Auschwitz in Poland.

"…disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous [cruel] acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent [beginning] of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration [aim] of the common people,…"
–Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948

What does this quotation from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaim?

People should try to ensure freedom and happiness for all humans

What was one effect of the D-Day invasion?

The Allies took an important step toward reaching Berlin

One of the effects of the Battle of the Bulge was that

Germany used its reserves and demoralized its troops in the battle.

How did Japan change politically after World War II?

A new constitution enacted democratic reforms

How did wartime pressures create a break from the past?

Many women took jobs that fell outside the traditional realm of women’s work

What effect did the D-Day invasion have on World War II?

Forced the Germans to fight the war on two fronts

Which of the following measures were taken when the Allies dealt with war criminals that violated provisions of the Geneva Convention?

Prisoners of war will receive the same amount of food as those of the detaining power

During World War II, many African Americans

joined organizations dedicated to fighting segregation.

What was Hitler’s "final solution"?

The elimination of all socialist and communist regimes in Europe

Why did Stalin want Britain and the United States to open a second front in France?

He wanted Germany to divide its troops between two fronts

FDR created the Office of Price Administration (OPA), which

froze the prices of goods.

Following the battle of Stalingrad,

Hitler’s plans of dominating Europe had ended.

Which of the following took place at the Teheran Conference?

Roosevelt and Churchill agreed to attack Germany on the Western Front

Executive Order 9066 affected civil liberties in the United States because it

designated war zones from which anyone could be removed.

Japanese Americans generally faced more restrictions than Italian or German Americans during World War II because they

were more isolated from other Americans.

What was an effect that World War II had on American women?

The war accelerated a trend toward white-collar employment for women

Which of the following describes the Battle of Midway?

Admiral Yamamoto wanted to force U.S. defenses back to the California coast

Hitler’s economic persecution of Jews in Germany involved

barring Jews from working in civil service.

Which two nations emerged as the strongest following World War II?

The Soviet Union and the United States

Which is a true statement regarding the major provisions of the Geneva Convention?

Prisoners of war will receive the same amount of food as those of the detaining power

Wartime migration caused the worst incident of racial violence in

Detroit, Michigan.

What development did Cutler call "unbelievable"?

The arrival of Allied transport and glider planes

In the years closely following World War II, many African Americans

renewed their efforts to work for civil rights.

Many Jews were prevented from leaving Germany because

some countries refused to accept them during the Great Depression.

As American forces approached Japan, Japanese forces

fought to the end, preferring to kill themselves rather than surrender.

The United Nations (U.N.) was organized to

encourage cooperation between the Great Powers.

Which of the following was a result of the Battle of Midway?

Japan never again threatened Pacific domination

Which group did Nazi ideology consider superior to other people?


Which of the following limited the U.S. response to the Holocaust?

The focus of U.S. resources on defeating Hitler

Allied bombing of Germany in 1942 changed the war because it

helped pave the way for a later all-out offensive.

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