US History Chapter 21

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Which group experienced an early depression in the 1920s?


during the 1920s, the US economy moved through which phase of the business cycle


In 1929the stock market crashed because

investors lost confidence in the market and rushed to sell their shares

which factor contributed to the spread of the Great Depression overseas?

congress lowered tariffs on foreign imports

what does this photograph show

the dust bowl

People likely abandoned this place because

the land could not be farmed

Which of these factors helped hide economice problems in the 1920s

Americans purchased many consumer goods on credit

What event occurred on Black Tuesday

Investors sold more than 16 million shares of stock

European countries reacted to the Hawley-Smoot Tariff by

passing high protective tariffs

What economic condition did economist John Maynard Keynes believe caused the Great Depression

lack of government intervention

At the onset of the Great Depression, urban unemployment

increased dramatically

Which of these factors contributed to the plight of rural farmers

falling prices for crops and livestock

Farmers contributed to the problems that led to the Dust Bowl by

using intensive farming practices that removed protective grasses

The unemployment rate among African Americans was

nearly double the national rate

President Hoover responded cautiously to the Great Depression because he

thought that the business cycle would correct itself

The policy of volunteerism called for which of the following

public works programs

President Hoover urged Congress to institute the RFC because he believed that the economy suffered from

a lack of credit

Some Americans blamed the Great Depression on


Why did many Americans decide that all the country needed new leadership in 1932?

President Hoover’s volunteerism and trickle-down economic policies had failed

How did the uneven distribution of the nations wealth lead to the depression

all of the above

Why were banks one of the first institutions to feel the effects of the stock market crash

People began to lose confidence in the economy and frightened depositors began to remove their money from banks

What was the destination of most Dust Bowl migrants

cities to find work

What even happened when the veteran groups marched in protest on Washington

Federal troops used tear-gas and marched with their bayonets on the protestors; many of the veterans were injured

Both African Americans and Mexican Americans had an especially difficult time during the Great Depression because they

faced discrimination when competing with white Americans for a limited number of jobs

Why did volunteerism fail

Businesses and citizens acted in their individual best interests

Congress instituted the RFC to loan money to

Banks so that they could lend money to businesses to stimulate economic activity

Why did the Bonus Army march on Washington, D.C.

President Hoover vetoed a bill providing for early payment of bonuses

World War I veterans who marched to demand payment of money promised by congress

Bonus Army

Dust Bowl refugees who moved westward to find work


Risky stock purchases made by investors with hope of high returns


presdient when the stock market crashed

Herbert Hoover

government efforts to encourage or pressure Mexican immigrants to return to Mexico


general who dispersed protestors in the captial by ordering federal troops to fire on them with tear gas

Douglas MacArthur

the periodic expansion and contraction of the economy

business cycle

agricultural workers who work on land owned by someone else

tenant farmers

the theory that money invested in banks and businesses will work its way through the system to laborers


the occasion of the stock

Black Tuesday

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