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Which of the following crops did John Rolfe introduce to the English colonies?


The first permanent English settlement in the area now known as the United States was at:

Jamestown, Virginia.

A key motivation behind early English settlement in the American colonies was:

1. acquisition of land, and thus a measure of personal independence. 2. escape from the material and spiritual corruptions of England. 3. the profits to be made in transatlantic commerce.

Which of the following did not happen in the 1630s?

The House of Burgesses was established

In the religious view of the Puritans, you would get to heaven if:

God predestined you to heaven or hell; no earthly act could change that.

The Half-Way Covenant applied to whom?

Grandchildren of the English Great Migration

The main lure for the majority of migrants from England to the New World was:

Land ownership

Which of the following was not a characteristic of early New England society?

Equality of the sexes in church affairs, but not in government affairs.

Who was the most prominent Native American leader in the original area of English settlement in Virginia?


Which of the following was not a significant feature of indentured servitude in seventeenth-century Virginia?

Indentured servants never comprised more than a small percentage of Virginians, the great majority of whom arrived either as free settlers or slaves.

The Mayflower Compact of 1620 asserted that:

Just and equal laws made by male representatives onboard were to rule.

Which of the following was not a significant trend of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English society?

The elimination of gender hierarchies.

Which was not a characteristic of Roger Williams’s Rhode Island colony?

It required citizens to attend church.

A "visible saint" was the term Puritans used to describe:

A person who had experienced divine grace, often during a lightening storm.

Having fled religious intolerance in England, the Puritans in Massachusetts:

Were intolerant of persons who disagreed with their version of Christianity

Which of the following series of events is listed in proper sequence?

Mayflower Compact, Trial of Anne Hutchinson, Half-Way Convenant

Which of the following was not a central theme of Puritan thought?

The quest for material prosperity is a sign of moral corruption.

Who was the English-speaking American Indian the Pilgrims encountered at Plymouth Bay in 1620?


The expansion of tobacco cultivation in the early 1600s led to an increase in demand for which of the following labor groups?

Indentured servants

In 1600s Virginia, a femme sole could do all of the following except:


Colonial Virginia’s economic substitute for gold was:


In 1619, the first elected assembly in colonial America was:

The House of Burgesses in Virginia

The English "enclosure" movement of the 1500s and 1600s forced small farmers off "commons" land so that the land could be taken up by:


Among the problems facing the early settlers of Jamestown colony were:

High rates of death and disease

Maryland founded


Body of Liberties


Roger Williams banished from Massachusetts to Rhode Island


Fundamental Orders of Connecticut


Massachusetts Bay Colony founded


Anne Hutchinson placed on trial in Massachusetts


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