US History Chapter 17 -The Progressive Era-

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During the 1902 coal miners’ strike in Pennsylvania, President Roosevelt

ordered the National Guard to stop the strike.

The efforts of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union eventually led to which change?


Which of the following resulted from the 1913 coal miners’ strike in Ludlow?

The Colorado National Guard opened fire on the miner’s tent city

Progressives that promoted Americanization efforts

encouraged immigrants to follow white, middle-class ways of life.

Which political party did Woodrow Wilson represent in the 1912 presidential election?


Which reform did the Nineteenth Amendment enact?

Women’s suffrage

Which group formed the Anti-Defamation League to defend itself against verbal attacks and false statements?

Jewish Americans

Industrial workers often labored

with unsafe machinery.

Naturalist novels

honestly portrayed human misery and the struggles of common people.

In 1914, Congress formed the Federal Trade Commission to

watch potential monopolies.

Theodore Roosevelt supported powerful corporations that

did business fairly.

Which of the following resulted from the passage of the Dawes Act in 1887?

Native American reservations were divided into smaller plots

The concept of "rational use" suggested that

forests be preserved for public use.

Which of the following statements about Woodrow Wilson is true?

He wanted to place strict government controls on corporations.

Which of the following reformers outlined the Social Gospel in a book entitled Christianity and the Social Crisis?

Walter Rauschenbusch

Which reform resulted from the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory?

Worker’s compensation laws

Why did minority groups receive limited benefits from Progressivism?

Many Progressives held racist ideas about minority groups

What social problem did Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle describe?

The living and working conditions in Chicago’s stockyards

The NWP and the NAWSA primarily differed in their


The National Reclamation Act directly affected the management of which natural resource?


Many Progressive reformers targeted city officials who built corrupt organizations called

political machines.

Which woman founded the National Association of Colored Women to help African American families and those who were less fortunate?

Ida B. Wells

W.E.B. Du Bois was an outspoken critic of

Booker T. Washington/segregation.

Which of the following describes the Urban League?

Focused on helping poor African American workers

Which legislation gave the government the authority to set and limit shipping costs?

The Hepburn Act

Which event led to the formation of the NAACP?

The 1908 Springfield riot

Wilson’s New Freedom worked to improve which of the following?

Economic policy

Wilson tried to protect workers by

lowering import tariffs.

The 1903 Muller v. Oregon decision upheld

limited work hours for women.

Progressive women reformers worked to

limit the workday.

President Wilson pushed for the passage of the Adamson Act to

prevent a nationwide railroad strike.

What was one goal of the Americanization movement during the Progressive Era?

To make immigrants more loyal and moral citizens

Under President William Howard Taft, the federal government

brought lawsuits against many corporations.

Why did the United States banking system need to be reformed in the early 1900s?

The nation had no central authority over banks

For what purpose was the Women’s Christian Temperance Union formed?

To protect the home and ban liquor

How did Wilson compensate for the reduced government income resulting from his lowering of tariffs?

Creating an income tax

What was one way Progressives differed from Populists?

Progressives were typically middle class city dwellers, and Populists were mostly farmers

Many Progressives who followed Walter Rauschenbusch’s Social Gospel program believed that

Christianity should be the basis of social reform.

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