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The first African slaves were transported to the New World in what year?


Who were the mestizos?

Persons of mixed Spanish and Indian origin

During the Pueblo Revolt, which of the following names were ordered to never be spoken again?


Which was not expressed by Bartolomé de Las Casas in A Very Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indes in 1552?

He believed that Indians ought to be allowed to continue to practice their native faiths as a true sign of Christian love and toleration.

Which of the following series of events is listed in proper sequence?

Cortés’s conquest of the Aztecs; Las Casas’s Destruction of the Indies; Spanish abolition of Indian enslavement

Which was not a means by which Cortés conquered the Aztecs?

He bombarded the Aztec capital from his Spanish galleons.

A significant outcome of the Portuguese arrival in West Africa was:

An expansion of Africa’s internal slave trade.

Which of the following was not a significant motivation behind European colonization in the New World?

(16-17, 21) The spread of democracy to the Americas

The oldest site in the present-day United States to be continuously inhabited by Europeans is:

(29) St. Augustine, Fl.

Who were the peninsulares?

(24) Persons of European Birth

Which of the following was not a prominent cultural belief among Indian societies of North America?

(11, 13) Only holders of property should take part in tribal governance.

Which was not a characteristic of American Indians?

(3) There were 4 different tribes in the Americas

In European exploration, conquest, and colonization of the New World after 1492, all of the following were true except:

(26-27) Europeans brought with them a broad-ranging tolerance for others’ viewpoints; kindness and tolerance being the mark of civilized peoples.

Which of the following European countries did not have a colonial presence in seventeenth-century North America?

(35) Germany

Which of these crops did not form the basis of Native American agriculture?

(7) Wheat

Which was not an aspect of Native American religious beliefs?

(7-8) Their written religious text was called the Wicca.

The reconquista happened in what year?

(19) 1492

The chief goal of fifteenth-century Portuguese expansion was:

(17) The establishment of a trading empire in Asia.

Which of the following was not a feature of Native American civilization prior to the voyages of Columbus?

(3-6) Large cities were unknown to the Americas.

Which was not a characteristic of "coverture"?

(14) Children became the property of the state upon a husband’s death.

In which country did the reconquista occur?

(19) Spain

The freedom of a Christian man or woman meant/means:

(13) Subservience, ubmission, and servitude to God

Which of the following was a characteristic or action of the Zuni Indians of the Southwest?

(6) They diverted the Colorado River as part of their ritualistic ancestor worship.

Which is not an achievement of the Indians of North America in the thousands of years before Columbus’s arrival?

(5-6) People in present-day Arizona constructed a large circle of red-earthen boulders.

Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses (what year did it occur)


Vasco da Gama sails to the Indian Ocean


Pedro Cabral claims Brazil for Portugal


Bartolomeu Dias reaches the Cape of Good Hope


Reconquista of Spain


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