US History Ch. 5

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what happened within a year of the US Navy Commodore Matthew Perry’s arrival in Tokyo Bay in 1853?

Perry negotiated a treaty that opened trade to the United States.

Hawaii was annexed in

1898, during the Spanish-American War.

Why did United States Navy Commodore George Dewey lead an attack on ships in the Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War?

Manila was ruled by Spain, and the ships belonged to the Spanish.

The "Rough Riders" were

a volunteer cavalry unit in the Spanish-American War.

When did the United States grant independence to the Philippines

In 1946, when the islands were liberated from Japanese occupation during World War II.

Unlike Britain, France and Russia, the United States

Wanted to keep trade in China open.

The Platt Amendment

gave the United States the rights to preserve order as needed in Cuba.

President Roosevelt sent troops to support Panamanian rebels in the fight against Colombian so that

the United States could get the rights to build a canal in Panama at a lower price.

In the beginning of the twentieth century, the United States had become

accustomed to military involvement overseas.

An economy that is based on mining or producing raw materials to be used in foreign industries is called

an extractive economy

The United States wanted overseas territories because the territories has

customers who would buy U.S products.

Why did journalists call the Alaska purchase of 1867 "Seward’s Folly"

They wondered why the United States would want a vast tundra of snow and ice far from the continental borders

What new relationship with Hawaii did Congress approve in 1898


Social Darwinism is the theory that

life consists of competitive struggles in which only the strong with survive.

The 1898 Treaty of Paris dealt with which territory or territories?

Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and other former Spanish territories

The teller amendment stated that

The United States could not annex Cuba.

Spain gave the United States full control of the Philippines when

the United States paid $20 million, as set out in Treaty of Paris.

Emilio Aguinaldo was

a Filipino freedom fighter.

Which Presidential candidate ran on an Anti-imperialist

William Jennings Bryan

How did militarism contribute to increased imperialism?

A strong military helped imperial powers protect their global interest.

Why might closing of the frontier have encouraged American Imperialism?

Discontented Americans sought a new territory in which to try their luck.

When Filipinos rebelled against U.S rule, the United States found itself

using some of the same tactics that the Spanish had used in Cuba.

In 1916, Congress passed the Jones Act, which

promised that the Philippines would ultimately gain its independence.

America’s Open Door Policy in China was designed to

provide access to trade in China without controlling territory.

Why did Theodore Roosevelt win the Noble Peace Prize ?

He helped negotiate an end to the Russo-Japanese War.

How did the United States show its dominance over the

Through military action

What tactic did Filipino insurgents use to undermine American power?

Guerilla warfare

After the Spanish-American War, Cubans and Puerto Ricans.

Were partially restricted by the United States.

Roosevelt’s "big stick" diplomacy

depended on a strong military to achieve America’s goals.

How did the United States get access to the Canal Zone in Panama?

The U.S military backed rebels who soon controlled independent Panama.

"Moral Diplomacy" means that the US government should

favor honorable diplomacy but may still resort to military intervention.

Who ran Mexico for decades as a dictator?

Porfrio Diaz

Which diplomacy style most promoted military action?

Big Stick

What was one result of "moral diplomacy"?

American imperialism and conquest decreased

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