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Which state did not pull out of the union when president Lincoln called for troops?

Their side would win easily

Before the first battle of the civil war, most people on both sides thought:

"There can be no neutrals in this war, only patriots, or traitors"

Which statement would have been said by Stephen Douglas in the early days of the war?

Enacted the first general draft in American history

In the spring of 1862, the Confederacy:

Longer tours of duty produced a more experienced army

All of the following were advantages for the north except:

The union’a effective naval blockade on cotton exports

The confederate economy was especially hurt by:

Implementation of wage and price controls

The union successfully financed the war through all of the following except:

Southerners were very similar to the people of the nation they had renouced.

The confederacy had a difficult time developing a national consciousness because:

The union managed to keep key border states in the union

President Lincoln earned an early political and military advantage when:


His states strategic position north of Washington DC made it vital for the Union cause:


Several countries in the western part of…supported the union and eventually became the 35th state.


Which of the following states initially joined the confederacy?

They did not possess enough resources to stay the course of their defensive strategy.

What flaw existed in the Confederacy’s strategy for victory?


During the Civil War,… occupied Mexico.

The North’s realization that the war would not be own easily.

A major outcome of the First Battle of Bull Run was:

Combined land and sea attacks.

In the West, General Ulysses S. Grant employed the wise strategy of:

The Mississippi River

Union victories in the West gave then te key strategic control of:

Robert E. Lee

When Joseph Johnston was badly wounded at the Battle of Seven Pines, he was replaced by:


The bloodiest single day of fighting in American history occurred at:

The close victory afforded President Lincoln the opportunity to announce emancipation.

Despite McClellan’s timid Union attacks, Antietam was a major turning point because:

Did not apply to border states in the Union.

The Emancipation Proclamation:

Ordered the seizure of land from disloyal southerners.

The Confiscation Act of 1862

Freed the slaves of all states in rebellion.

The Emancipation Proclamation

A foolish frontal assault cost many Union lives.

At the Battle of Fredericksburg:

Joseph Hooker displayed his talents as an effective leader of Union forces.

Which statement about the Battle of Chancellorsville is not true?


The Confederates accidentally met Union forces when they went to confiscate shoes at:

Would be a frontal assault rather than a flanking maneuver.

General Meade correctly guessed that the Confederate’s attack on day three at Gettysburg.

A heavy loss of lives for the charging Confederates.

The result of Pickett’s Charge was:

Surrounding it and laying siege with artillery fire.

The Union captured Vicksburg by:

Union gunboats were never able to stop supply lines along the Rio Grande.

Which statement about Texas during the Civil War is not true?

Making it easier to arrest and hold suspected Confederate agents.

President Lincoln suspended the right of habeas corpus for the purpose of:

Required settlers to cultivate the land and build a house.

The Homestead Act

Turned into violence based on social class and racism.

The New York Draft Riot:

Grew and prospered

During the Civil War, the northern economy:

Entered the workforce in large numbers.

During the Civil war, women in North:

West Virginia

Which state was formed when it seceded from the Confederacy?

A lack of food

A major problem in the South during the years if 1863-1865 was:

Were afforded many new job opportunities.

Early in the war, southern women:

Ulysses S. Grant

Who did President Lincoln name as commander of all Union forces in March, 1864?

William T. Sherman

He led lightning-quick raids that disrupted Confederate supply lines of food in the Shenandoah Valley.

John Wilkes Booth

Actor and Confederate fanatic who assassinated Abraham Lincoln in April, 1865.

Joseph E. Johnston

He surrendered his Army of Tennessee, despite Jefferson Davis’s orders to keep fighting, because he realized that further bloodshed was senseless.

George McClellan

Former commander of the Army of the Potomac who was defeated by Abraham Lincoln in the presidential election of 1864.

Philip H. Sheridan

His "march to the sea" devastated portions of the South, and brought the war in the southeast to an end.

Coordinating the Union’s efforts on all fronts of the war.

General Grant’s effective strategy for winning the was was based on:

It was fought in the woods near Chancellorsville.

All of the following statements about the Battle of the Wilderness are true except:

Large loss of lives by the Union army.

Many of General Grant’s victories in Virginia were characterized by:

Launching a frontal assault.

Early in the Atlanta campaign, William T. Sherman refused to make the mistake of:

The Union used the city’s industry to supply its army.

Effects of the Union’s takeover of Atlanta included all of the following except:

Controlled the presidency, the Senate, and the House.

After the election of 1864 the Republicans.

The Republicans won the presidency, but lost control of Congress.

All of the following statements about the election of 1864 the Republicans.

Slavery everywhere in the United States.

The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution outlawed:

Removed any threat from the rear of General Sherman’s army.

Confederate defeats at the battles of Franklin and Nashville:

North Carolina

Sherman’s March ended in:

Appomattox, Virginia

General Lee surrendered his army to General Grant at the courthouse in:

The trans-Mississippi army.

The last army surrendered by the Confederacy was:

Was the worst thing that could have happened for the South’s future

Confederate General Johnston realized that the assassination of Abraham Lincoln:

John Wilkes Booth

Was shot to death in a barn in northern Virginia.

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