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What made Robert shurtliff of Massachusetts an atypical member of the continental army?

He was a women disguised as a man

Where did delegates from all the the colonies meet to discuss their course of action after the skirmishes at Lexington and concord?

Second Continental Congress

What was the inti goal of the Second Continental Congress

Raise and supply an army

Why did delegates to the second Continental Congress remain reluctant to break with Britain in 1775?

The delegates worried that independence would destroy political stability

The delegates to the second Continental Congress chose George Washington as commander in chief because

They wanted to show England that there was commitment to wars outside New England

Which statement characterizes the Continental dollars authorized by the Congress in 1775?

The dollars were merely paper backed by non precious metals

What was the significance of the battle of bunker hill?

The British won a very costly battle

What did the British general william Howe do after the victory at bunker hill?

He retreated to Boston

In the olive branch petition of July 1775 congressional moderates proposed that

American colonial assembles be recognized as individual parliaments

In his radical pamphlet common sense, Thomas Paine encouraged Americans to

Declare independence from Great Britain

In their revisions to the Declaration of Independence, Georgia and South Carolina removed

Any mention of slavery

What was the significance of the New York delegates endorsement of the Declaration of Independence in July 15 1776

The resolution for independence had passed unanimously

What obstacle did the British army face in the revolutionary war?

It was difficult to supply their army with food and supplies because the Atlantic is a lot of miles across

The British goal in fighting the war in America was to

Regain colonial allegiance

How did the Congress raise the necessary troops for the Continental army

It offered land grants to those who committed for the wars duration

Women served in the Continental army by

Performing domestic tasks

As manpower needs in the Continental army increased,

Free blacks were welcomed into service in the northern states

What was one of the many weaknesses of the Continental army?

It was always under manned

What was the American strategy in the war with Britain

Turn back and defeat the invading army

What was the significance of the Continental army’s campaign in Montreal and Quebec

It showed that the war was more ham a reaction to the invasion of Massachusetts

In the fall of 1776 the British hired 8,000 hessian mercenaries and

Concentrated their military might in New York

The Continental army enjoyed its first victory over the British on Christmas night in 1776, when the Americans

Surprised the hessians in New Jersey

At the time of the war with Britain white women

Began to participate in politics through discussion and fundraising

Many of the most visible and dedicated loyalist( also called tories by their enemies) came from which group?

Wealthy merchants

How did American Indians respond to the outbreak of the revolutionary war

They hoped at first to stay neutral before being forced to chose sides

Thayendanegea (known also by his English name, Joseph brant) was a leader of which Indian tribe


Which of the following was a treasonable act as defined by state laws in 1775 and 1776

Supplying the British army

During the revolution, punishment for a treasonable act might include

The suspension of voting privileges

How did the British army treat prisoners of war?

British leaders treated prisoners worse than criminals

What proportion of revolutionary war fatalities occurred on British prison ships?

More than the number killed in battle

What was the economic result of the Continental Congress’s decision to issue paper money?

Money became devalued

As the currency depreciated, the Continental Congress paid soldiers by

Issuing certificates of land grants

In August 1777, instead of sailing north on the Hudson River, general Howe chose which surprising military strategy?

He sailed to Philadelphia

What did the British government do after capturing Philadelphia in September 1777

Proposed a negotiated settlement that did not include American independence

During the winter of 1777-78 the Continental army’s morale was

Low because corruption was undermining the patriots cause

Relationships between Americans and Indians during the war were increasingly characterized by

violent anti-Indian campaigns

Who led a group of Kentucky militiamen dressed as Indians in an attack at kaskasia

George rogers Clark

Why did Indian tribes ally with the Americans as the war wore on?

They realized the likelihood of American victory

Why was general John Burgoyne’s defeat at the battle of Saratoga a decisive moment in the revolutionary war ?

It brought France into the war on the side of the patriots

Why did France ally with the Americans after the battle of Saratoga

It saw and opportunity to defeat England

What immediate impact did the Americans alliance with French have on the British during the revolutionary war?

The commander of the British navy argued for abandoning the war

Where did British troops achieve victory at the beginning of their campaign in the South in 1778 and 1780

Georgia and South Carolina

Where did the Americans suffer their worst defeat if the revolutionary war?

Camden, South Carolina

How did news of Benedict Arnolds treason affect the revolutionary war?

Arnold’s treason inspired renewed patriotism in America

How did battle tactics in the South change after Gates defeat and Arnold’s treason?

Guerrilla war fare erupted across the southern back country

After the general Charles Cornwallis achieved the upper hand in Virginia, the balance of power in the battle field changed dramatically because

The French gave military support to Washington

Which event led to the end of the revolutionary war at Yorktown

The French forces taking control of the Chesapeake

What was the content of the first article of treaty of Paris?

The king recognized the independence of the United States

What did the peace between the Americans and the British that began in 1783 mean for the Indians?

Only a temporary lull in fighting

After five and half years of fighting, how long did it take to negotiate peace and evacuate the British from its former colonies?

Two years

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