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To achieve victory in the struggle for civil rights, MLK encouraged

non violent protest

SNCC was formed to enable students to

Make their own decisions

MLK targetted birmingham because he considered it

the most segregated city in the country

After watching tv coverage of the brutal tactics, even opponents were

appalled by the police violence

Participants in the 1963 March on Washington hope to

Prevent the reelection of Kennedy

After congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965

white southerners still prevented most Blacks from voting

The black power movement taught that African Americans should

seperate from white societies and lead their own communitites

In his writings James Baldwin warned Americans that

African Americans were angry and tired of promises

In what way were the SCLC and CORE alike

Both promoted nonviolent protest

How did National Urban League help blacks

By helping newcomers to large cities find homes and jobs

In which state did Freedom Riders encounter violent resistence


How did Pres Kennedy respond to the riot over James Meridith’s admission to the University of Miss

He sent army troops to restore orfer and protect Merideth

Which was a highlight of the March on Washington

MLK’s I have dream speech

What was the goal of the Selma March

To get voting rights legislation passed

What did Malcom X encouarge African Americans to do

To seperate themselves from society

Which of the following was a result of the civil rights movement

Thousands of African Americans could vote for the first time

After the war, the African American civil rights movement


President Truman ordered an end to discrimination in

labor unions

The Supreme Court decision in Brown V Board of Education ended

the "seperate but equal doctrine"

The Montogmery bus boycott introduced a new generation of African American


In 1957, Esienhower used the Arkansas NAtional Guard to

Enforce school integration

Mexican American reform groups sucha as the Community Service Organization sought change through

Peaceful protest

The successes of the civil rights movement of the 1950’s largely bypassed

Native Americans

In the 1920’s and 1930’s, the NAACP had success in challenging

segregation laws

The National Urban League helped newcomers to the cities by

Helping them find jobs and housing

The Congress of Racial Equality pursued its goals through

Peaceful confrontation

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference was organized by

African American clergymen

The SCLC shifted the focus of the civil rights movement from

the north to the south

MLK influenced by Gandhi, believed in

Nonviolent protest

SNCC entrusted decisions about priorities and tactics to

young activists

For participants, the form of protest known as the sit in often led to

time spent in jail

The Freedom Rides were organized to test

A Supreme Court Decision

After Freedom Riders were violently attacked in Alabama they

Received federal protection

James Meridith advanced the cause of civil rights when he

Tried to enroll at Ole miss

Civil rights leaders targeted Birmingham in 1963 because the city

Was highly segregated

The person who wrote the famous "Letter from Birmingham Jail" was


The success at Birmingham proved the effectiveness of

nonviolent protest

Treatment of demonstraters by the Birmingham police

Angered most Americans

At first President Kennedy moved slowly on civil rights issues to avoid

Offending southern democrat senators

The brutality against African Americans in Birmingham promoted Kennedy to

Propose a strong civil rights bill

The highlight of the March on Washington was

MLK’s I have a dream speech

To gain passage of his civil rights legislation, Johnson had to

Limit civil rights demonstrators

Johnson’s two civil rights laws are considered to be

Landmarks in American history

The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party was organized to send delegates to the

Democratic National Convention

Freedom Summer and the Selma MArch both called attention to African Americans’ lack of

Voting rights

Essayist James Baldwin wrote about the

Violent consequences of segration

Unlike the early civil rights leaders, Malcolm X believed strongly that

African Americans should move to Mecca

Under the leadership of Stokely Charmichael, SNCC became

Increasingly militant

The Black Panthers wanted African Americans to

Lead their own communities

Which of the following leaders were assassinated in 1968

MLK and Robert Kennedy

All of the following resulted from the civil rights except

Eliminating poverty in the US

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