US History 1 Trade Routes 1.3.2 Apex

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What is migration

the movement of people from one place to another

What is the movement of people from one place to another?


What is it called when people move from one country, region, or place to another?


What was the main reason European countries set up colonies?

To increase their wealth and power

What was one way that European countries increased their wealth and power?

Establishing colonies in North America

Why did European countries and stock companies establish the North American colonies

For more wealth and power

What was the main goal of the colonists who moved to North America

Opportunities to make money

What was the main goal of the coastal African kingdoms that were part of the slave trade?

to obtain guns and other products from Europe

What was the main goal of Native Americans who traded with the colonists?

To obtain guns, clothing, and beads

In the trade network, what did European countries provide?

Money and ships

In the trade network, what did the colonists provide?

Raw materials

In the trade network, what did the Native Americans provide?


Which of these forced the colonies to trade only with England

The Navigation Acts

What was one result of the Navigation Acts

The colonists could only sell their products in England

How did England try to control trade with its colonies?

Passing the Navigation Acts

Which group received guns through the trade network?

African traders

Which group depended on the trade network for raw materials

European businesses

In the trade network, American colonists depended on England for

Factory goods

Which of these is true about the Navigation Acts

They encouraged shipbuilding in the American colonies

Caribbean colonies received bills of credit by sale of


The Navigation Acts supported the idea that the role of colonies was to provide England

Raw Materials and Markets

Why were English criminals brought to the American colonies

They provided labor at a lower cost than slaves

A factor in the choice of labor used in the American colonies was that

Native American populations were greatly reduced by disease.

I came to the American colonies after my country was united with England. The union allowed people to move any English colony. I am from:


Long wars and the difficulty in getting land in their home countries were key factors in the migration of ________ to the American colonies

German and Scottish farmers

What was exchanged between both the Caribbean colonies and England and the Caribbean colonies and North America?

Bills of credit

Why were southern and Caribbean colonies most dependent on slave labor?

Their climate and soil were suited to large farms.

Which of these is a similarity between English settlers of Massachusetts in the 1600’s and German settlers of the 1700s?

They wanted religious freedom

Religious freedom was a goal in the colonial settlement of both

Pilgrims and German

Which of these is a similarity in the colonial settlement of many English convicts and African slaves

They came against their will.

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