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How are the various successful constitutional amendments similar?

– Many tend to be concerned with the structure of the government. Many successful amendments detail the framework within which the government will operate: who votes, how the government is organized, and how government is funded.

Virginia Plan

– representation based on population – House of Representatives

New Jersey Plan

– equal representation for each state – the Senate

Declaration of Independence

– created a set of principles to forge national unity – provided a statement of American freedom from British rule

Articles of Confederation

– allowed states to retain sovereignty – limited the powers of the national government

Few attempts to amend the Constitution have been successful.

What are the functions of "checks and balances"?

– To give each branch of government power and influence over the other branches

How did the colonists respond to the Boston Massacre?

– Many Bosnians supported the British .

The Supreme Court exercises the power of __________, which allows the Court to _____________ the Constitution.

judicial review interpret

What effects did British taxes have on the American colonists before the Revolution?

– They hurt the economic interests of southern planters and New England merchants. – They fostered a political alliance between colonial elites and small farmers, shopkeepers, and laborers. – They led to a boycott of British-made goods.

Choose all of the following that were tensions at the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

– large states versus small states – slave states versus nonslave states

Which of the following accurately describe the Annapolis Convention?

– Very few delegates actually attended the convention. – It recognized the need to revise the Articles of Confederation.

Place in chronological order the following events that took place during the American Revolution.

stamp act Boston tea party declaration of independence articles of confederation

Place in chronological order the events that led up to the end of the Articles of Confederation.

Annapolis convention Shay’s rebellion Constitutional convention


bicameral legislature bicameral legislature included provisions for an executive office

Articles of Confederation

unicameral legislature The national government depends upon the states to collect taxes.

characteristics are reserved for the Senate or the House of Representatives, or shared by both.
– approve presidential appointments
approval required to enact laws
– guard against "excessive democracy"
– create revenue bills
– ratify treaties
– six-year terms

Senate: six-year terms/guard against "excessive democracy"/ratify treaties/approve presidential appointments House of Representatives: create revenue bills Both: approval required to enact laws

In which of the following ways does Article V allow the Constitution to be amended?

– passage in a national convention called for by Congress, in response to petitions by two-thirds of the states, followed by ratification by majority vote of the legislatures in three-fourths of the states – passage in the House and Senate by two-thirds vote, followed by ratification by conventions called for the purpose in three-fourths of the states

Which of the following did the Federalists believe, and which did the Antifederalists believe?

Federalist: – believed that direct democracy was problematic – favored a strong national government – feared "excessive democracy" Antifederalist: – believed that most governments became "aristocratic" – wanted to limit the power of the national government – preferred small republics of existing states – supported retention of power by state governments – feared that the elite would hold the most power

First Amendment

protects freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press

Tenth Amendment

reserves certain rights for the states or people

Fourteenth Amendment

defines citizenship and applied due process to the states

Thirteenth Amendment

abolished slavery

Which of the following are mechanisms found in the Constitution that limit the national government’s power?

Bill of Rights checks and balances

What powers did the Constitution grant to the judicial branch and the Supreme Court?

power to resolve conflicts between state and federal laws lifetime appointments

Which of the following are examples of the powers of Congress under the Articles of Confederation?

make treaties declare war coin or borrow money appoint senior officers of the United States Army

Which of the following were among the shortcomings of the Articles of Confederation?

The U.S. government had no power to intervene when radical factions began influencing some state governments. The U.S. government could not enforce treaties.

What powers does the Constitution grant the executive branch?

veto congressional enactments appoint major departmental personnel recognize countries and negotiate treaties grant reprieves and pardons

What was the impact of Shays’s Rebellion in the lead up to the Constitutional Convention?

– Shays’s Rebellion demonstrated that the national government was too weak to respond to a crisis, which lead to the Philadelphia Convention. – Shays’s Rebellion encouraged Congress to adopt the Annapolis resolution and commit to revising the Articles of Confederation in Philadelphia.

How can the president modify the Constitution?

the president can appoint supreme court justices who interpret the constitution through judicial review.

Both the Antifederalists and the Federalists wanted a limited government.


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