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"Green entrepreneurialism" in Indian cities has been controversial because it has:

been acccompanied by evicting the poor

Simla served as the summer capital of colonial India. Why did the British need a summer capital?

to enjoy cooler temperatures at a higher elevation

Beginning in the 1980s, major change came to the Indian economy as a result of many factors including:

abolishing the old "License Raj"

The Civil War in the United States led to the growth of what major Indian city in the 1860s because it could supply British mills with cotton?


Which one of the following is not true of the Taj Mahal?

located in Mumbai

The city of Kabul:

has benefitted by its strategic location at the western end of the Khyber Pass

In the model of the bazaar-based city in South Asia:

the colonial administrative section was known as the "civil lines"

The main cultural tension in Indian cities is between Muslims and Hindus. In Sri Lankan cities it is between:

Buddhists and Hindus

What river valley in South Asia served as one of several urban culture hearths and a cradle of civilization?

Indus River Valley

What happened to the population of Karachi after the partition of the Indian sub-continent in 1947?

The native-born population declined significantly as a proportion of the total population

Mumbai is the most religiously diverse city in South Asia. Two religious minorities play a role in the economy far beyond their numbers. Who are they?

Jains and Parsis (Zoroastrians)

Harappa and Mohenjo Daro are:

the earliest cities of the Indian sub-continent

Although it has been legally abolished, caste remains a fact of life in Indian cities. Which one of the following presents the traditional castes from highest to lowest?

priests, warriors, business people, laborers

Place marketing strategies used in the cities of South Asia include all of the following except:

the encouragement of street vendors as valued entrepreneurs

Dhaka is:

Both a primate and a capital city

They are called bustees, jhunggi, and chawl. They occur in all of the major cities of South Asia. What are they?


What locational characteristic did the Presidency towns have in common?

They were located along the coast where they could serve as seaports.

One of the most magnificent planned cities in India dates from the pre-colonial period and has a great fort towering over it. It has become a top tourist attraction. What city is it?


What group of cities in South Asia has been expanding in population the most?

the six megacities

The Sikhs are especially prominent in north Indian cities. The Sikhs are a:

none of the above

The cities of what country have been least affected by the forces of globalization?

North Korea

The urban landscapes of which region were least altered by European colonialism?

East Asia

Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace are signature landscapes of what city?


The hokou system in the People’s Republic of China functioned as:

an internal passport system

Within Japan’s urban core is an inner core known as what?


Like other cities that are command-and-control points of the global economy, Tokyo has modeled its growth on:

all of the above

Which one of these statements about Kyoto is true?

The city was designed on the plan of China’s Tang dynasty capital of Changan

In Hong Kong, which of these is not true?

Peripheral land in the administrative region is available for urban expansion.

Why did the People’s Republic permit Hong Kong to thrive as a coastal enclave of Western-style capitalism and British colonialism for so long?

Hong Kong pumped billions of dollars of foreign exchange into China each year.

The cities of Manchuria became part of imperial Japan in the 1930s. What did Japan do to these cities?

Japan turned them into manufacturing centers connected by rail lines.

Which pair of cities fits the description "capitals of a divided nation"?

Seoul and Pyongyang

In the late 20th century, what was the main method used to temper the urban primacy of Seoul?

building master-planned towns outside of Seoul

Although much traditional housing in central Beijing has been torn down, some courtyard houses (some turned into shops) remain. Where would you find these traditional courtyard houses?

In hutongs (alleys)

Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Macau form a single urbanized area that completely engulfs:

The Pearl River Delta

Pudong is:

a high-rise, globally-connected district in eastern Shanghai

Permitting midnight and prayers and extending hours for worship engendered conflict in Sydney’s Baulkham Hills district when:

Muslim residents wanted to expand their place of worship

Capital cities of Pacific Island nations (e.g., Suva) are generally characterized by all of the following except:

strong tourist sectors

Trends in the evolution of Sydney’s city center include:

increase in high-rise luxury dwellings

In Australia, the "tree change" phenomenon is drawing people away from big cities and toward areas that are:

wetter and cooler

Auckland grew up around a harbor site. With reference to what other feature could the site of Auckland be described?

as an isthmus site

The old Swan Brewery site in inner Perth was turned into a high-amenity development of theaters, restaurants, and offices. What made the redevelopment controversial?

Protests by Aboriginal Australians

Papua New Guinea is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and therefore maintains a High Commission in Australia. In what city are all High Commissions located?


Which one of the following is true of the aboriginal population of Aotearoa/New Zealand?

Maoris face significant disadvantages in New Zealand’s cities

Ozone levels in Sydney regularly exceed the 4-hour standard for ozone concentration on 21 days a year. Why?

Car ownership is so ubiquitous

The displacement of young people and lower-paid workers from high cost-of-living areas in Australia is a problem if a city considers what to be important?

waterfront development

The earliest European settlements in Australia began as:

penal colonies

Which one of the following has been an impediment to urban development in most island states of the southwest Pacific?

Land is held as a communal resource by traditional owners

Which one of the following does not apply to Sydney?

Environmentally sustainable metropolitan area

The two most populous cities in Australia are:

Sydney and Melbourne

What statement reflects the pattern of urban primacy in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s most populous city is also a clearly defined primate city

Which one of the following is true of Sydney’s suburbs?

The greatest concentration of migrants is found in the suburbs

In Australia, the "sea change" phenomenon is drawing people away from big cities and toward:

small coastal towns

The largest cities in the small island countries of the southwest Pacific generally began as:

colonial trading ports

Canberra was deliberately located:

between the two cities that have dominated Australia’s urban hierarchy

High fertility rates are a major influence on population growth and decline. In which one of the following countries would high fertility rates contribute the most to urban population increase?


Given the cities on the following list, what is the ratio of cities with high network connectivity to cities with low network connectivity?

Boston / Kinshasa / London / Pyongyang / Seoul

3 to 2

With respect to city populations, rapid growth is to negative growth as:

African cities are to Russian cities

Both "Boomers" and "Millennials" are fueling the revitalization of central cities in the United States. Which one of the following reasons for this applies to the Boomers but not the Millennials?

empty nest syndrome

Of the following, which one has had the greatest impact on time-space compression?

new communication technologies

The decentralized nature of the Internet may give an advantage to:

all of the above

In cities of the Global South, all of the following factors work to push people out of rural areas and into cities with the exception of:

rural industrialization

Looking towards the future of world urban development, cities of the Global South will:

have the highest urban growth rates

Its population now stands at 8.5 million, larger than at any previous point in its history including its former high point, which was hit right before World War II. What city has bucked the decentralization trend more than any other large European city?


Which one of the following cities is least vulnerable to sea level rise?


In the knowledge economies of the 21st century, what is the most important item of trade?


Pittsburgh was once the heart of the U.S. steel industry. What industries now form a significant part of Pittsburgh’s economic base?

engineering and medical research

What two regions will account for an ever increasing number of the world’s megacities?

East Asia and South Asia

Ho Chi Minh City is likely to face more frequent, heavier rains, bigger storm surges, and more tropical storms. Why?

Global warming, which is expressed as higher temperatures over the adjacent South China Sea.

Which one of the following describes an urban economic base that could be classified as a K-economy?

medical research and development, plus health care services

Even in cities that are included in global networks, circumstances may exclude individuals and groups from having access to globalization’s positive benefits. Who might be excluded?

all of the above

The Internet creates new opportunities for lower-ranking cites in the urban hierarchy to compete in niche markets. Which one of the following provides an example of this principle?

The musical recording industry of Brandon, Manitoba

Metropolitan decentralization is associated with:

CBD decline

Which of the following is made possible by ICT?


Urban gardening:

helps reduce the urban heat island effect

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