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Barcelona, though located in a Spanish-speaking country, is a bilingual city. What language other than Spanish is commonly heard and seen in Barcelona?


n world cities like London and Paris, the most visible group of people on the streets of the CBD is:

Young Professionals

What was responsible for reducing traffic and alleviating traffic congestion in central London starting in 2003?

a congestion charging zone with fees on driving

Controversy over the cultural landscape of what city followed the construction of a glass pyramid in the 19th century forecourt of the Louvre?


Which one of the following cities is both a primate city and a national capital?


What city is often thought of as the capital of Europe because it is the European Union’s administrative headquarters?


What city in Europe evolved around an island in the Seine River?


Between the 1950s and the 1980s, cities of eastern Europe could be described as:

socialist cities shaped by Communist regimes

Shanghai and Singapore are the world’s largest ports. What city hosts Europe’s largest port?


Tea houses (salons de thé) on the streets of Brussels and other European cities provide social space for immigrant men from what part of the world?

North Africa

The central plaza or market of ancient Roman cities was called the:


What European cities have the continent’s busiest airports?

London,Paris,Frankfurt, and Amsterdam

Urban Graffiti:

covered the Berlin Wall as a form of political protest

In the future, some administrative functions of the EU are likely to shift from Brussels and Frankfurt to cities such as Warsaw and Budapest. How would that shift be described by geographers?

as a shift from core to periphery

Leninvaros in Hungary was renamed Tiszauvaros, and Karl-Marx-Stadt in Germany was renamed Chemnitz as a direct result of the:

fall of Communism

Bucharest’s landscape was transformed by Romanian President Ceauçescu after he came to power in 1966. Which one of the following is not part of Ceauçescu’s legacy?

preservation of the city’s historic central areas

What are Europe’s two megacities (excluding Moscow)?

London and Paris

Which of the following processes has contributed most to metropolitan decentralization in Europe?


What period of urban history began in the Midlands of England in the 1700s, sparking massive rural-to-urban migration and changing the structure of cities?

Industrial Period


developed around two centers: ‘The City’ and Westminster

Geographer Roger Brunet identified the core of Europe as a curving urban corridor of high-tech industries and services which he called the:

Blue Banana

The Communist regimes of Eastern European countries built what to remedy the tremendous housing shortfalls following World War II?

housing estates on the urban periphery consisting of multistory apartment blocks

Which one of the following is not one of the signature landscape features of Berlin?

Palace of Culture and Science

The human geography of cities in what country has been transformed by huge immigrant populations from the Caribbean, India, and Pakistan?


New towns in Europe have been relatively more successful than in the U.S. primarily because:

the former were built mostly by the government and not for profit

In ancient Greek cities (such as Athens) the "high city" was called the:


What was the most influential force in molding the cities of Eastern Europe from the 1950s through the 1980s?

entralized planning

Which one of the following characterizes the internal structure of most European cities?

low‑rise skylines

The highest concentration of Muslims in France is in:

poorly serviced, public high-rise apartments in Paris’ grande couronne

What ranges across Europe from 200 in Norway to 20,000 in Greece?

average dollar value per capita of investment in post-secondary education

Immigrants from India brought chicken tikka masala to London. What immigrant group brought the döner kebab to Berlin?


What period of urban history began in the Midlands of England in the 1700s, sparking massive rural-to-urban migration and changing the structure of cities?

Industrial Period

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