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Many of the new developments on the outskirts of Manila are taking the place of former:

sugar cane plantations

Manila is to Spain as Jakarta is to:

Netherlands (Holland)

Because both India and Malaysia were part of the British Empire in the 1800s, the British brought many Tamils to Kuala Lumpur. What has happened to their Bricktown neighborhood?

It has been gentrified, but still exudes a strong Indian sense of place

Around Manila, many new suburban communities and mixed-use developments such as Nuvali, are engendering conflict because they:

require tenant farmers to move off land they have long occupied

Metro Manila includes Quezon City, where you would find:

all of the above

Singapore’s EMR takes the form of an "expanding city-state" which now stretches well into the territory of:

Malaysia and Indonesia

Which one of the following is not true of Southeast Asia’s geographic pattern of urbanization?

Cambodia is one of the most urbanized countries


has been the focus of massive foreign investment since the Vietnam War

The central core of Manila has seen an increase in:

high-intensity commercial and office land use

Which one of the following is not true of the Mekong Delta’s Oc Eo?

It was located in present-day Indonesia.

A mix of religions characterizes Southeast Asia. What religion dominates Manila, Jakarta, and Bangkok, respectively?

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism

Which one of the following is not true of Southeast Asia’s growing middle class?

It has resisted suburbanization

If you were visiting Indonesia, what would you go to Borobudur to see?

a temple

The premier passage through the island‑studded seas of Southeast Asia is the Strait of Malacca. In what country is the city that dominates that strait today?

republic of singapore

McGee, in reference to Southeast Asia, coined the word desakota to describe the process by which:

territory near a metropolitan core is incorporated into the urban economy without the necessity for cityward migration

In 1511, the era of European colonialism in Southeast Asia began with the arrival of a fleet from what country in Malacca’s harbor?


Which one of the following applies to sacred cities rather than market cities in Southeast Asia?

Expansive and productive rural hinterlands

The new high-technology city of Cyberjaya anchors what country’s Multimedia Super Corridor?


In the first decade of the 21st century, the leaders of what country relocated its national capital to the town of Pyinmana where they built a new seat of government named Naypyidaw?


Approximately 75% of Singapore’s population is:


What city serves as Southeast Asia’s leading port and industrial center; as its leading banking and commercial center; and as a key player in the global economic system?


What city evolved around the Intramuros and became the command and control center of the Spanish galleon trade which ranged between Mexico and Asia?


The influence of Chinese migrants on Southeast Asian cities has been most pronounced:

around the south china sea

Why was the geographical name Jabotapek coined in the late 20th century?

Because Jakarta had grown and sprawled far across its hinterland

Binondo is the heart of Chinatown, Tondo is a densely-populated and impoverished district, Emita is a fishing village-cum-tourist enclave, and Makati is a district of expensive suburban housing. These locations within Manila are evidence of the:

multiple nuclei model of urban land use

Water for a thirsty Singapore comes from all of the following except:

lakes and rivers

The Petronas Twin Towers, symbol of the competition to have the tallest building in the world, is located in:

Kuala lumpur

In McGee’s original model of city structure, what land use tends to occupy the periphery of Southeast Asian cities?

market garden zones

Cities in Vietnam, until recently, were devoid of mass advertising, had few cars on their roads, and offered only government-run hotels. These traits were typical of urban landscapes that:

conform to socialist ideology

Space for Tokyo’s urban development has been provided by:

all of the above

Because they were returned to the People’s Republic only two decades ago, what two cities today enjoy the privileges of being Special Administrative Regions (SARs)?

Hong Kong and Macau

Which one of these statements about Kyoto is true?

The city was designed on the plan of China’s Tang dynasty capital of Changan

Which one of the following trends works against the greening of East Asia’s cities?

rising automobile use

Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace are signature landscapes of what city?


If Beijing is the "Washington, D.C., of China," then what city is the "New York City of China"?


In Hong Kong, which of these is not true?

Peripheral land in the administrative region is available for urban expansion.

pudong is:

a high-rise, globally-connected district in eastern Shanghai

For at least three decades, from the 1950s through the 1970s, cities of East Asia evolved along two distinctly different development paths. Which one of the following cities did not follow the socialist development path during that period?


changan, in china:

is one of the best expression of the classic Chinese capital city

What do Taipei, Seoul, and Hong Kong have in common?

they were all conquered by colonial powers

The urban landscapes of which region were least altered by European colonialism?

east asia

Which one of the following cities functions under an authoritarian national government but a capitalist economic system?


Since the late 1970s, the Chinese government has:

greatly relaxed controls on rural-to-urban migration

Which pair of cities fits the description "capitals of a divided nation"?

seoul and pyongyang

Lhasa, which is being turned into a culturally Chinese city, is the capital of what country?


Within Japan’s urban core is an inner core known as what?


Why did the People’s Republic permit Hong Kong to thrive as a coastal enclave of Western-style capitalism and British colonialism for so long?

Hong Kong pumped billions of dollars of foreign exchange into China each year.

The hokou system in the People’s Republic of China functioned as:

an internal passport system

Tokyo, Shanghai, and Osaka are all:


Which one of the following not true of Taipei’s urban geography?

Inner city population has plummeted, creating a doughnut hole of population density.

In 2010, Taipei ceased to be Taiwan’s most populous city as a result of:

the creation of New Taipei City in the suburbs

Hong Kong, translated, means "fragrant harbor." The translation tells you something about Hong Kong’s:


Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Macau form a single urbanized area that completely engulfs:

the Pearl River Delta

After the Communist Party took control, Beijing was transformed into a producer city. Growth in what sector of the economy put Beijing in that category?


The restoration of Cheonggye Stream (Cheonggyecheon):

helped to re-brand seoul as a green city

Urban environmental initiatives in East Asia include all of the following except:

pushing low-density development into urban expansion zones

The cities of what country have been least affected by the forces of globalization?

north korea

Although much traditional housing in central Beijing has been torn down, some courtyard houses (some turned into shops) remain. Where would you find these traditional courtyard houses?

in hutongs (alleys)

Because of its location at the top of the global urban hierarchy, what East Asian city ranks among the world’s three global cities?


The cities of Manchuria became part of imperial Japan in the 1930s. What did Japan do to these cities?

Japan turned them into manufacturing centers connected by rail lines.

In the late 20th century, what was the main method used to temper the urban primacy of Seoul?

building master-planned new towns outside of Seoul

Since the late 1970s, all except which one of the following characteristics has applied to the PRC’s economic system and therefore its cities?

policy of self-reliance

Auckland grew up around a harbor site. With reference to what other feature could the site of Auckland be described?

isthmus site

What statement reflects the pattern of urban primacy in Australia?

Each state of Australia is dominated by a primate city.

Large, expensive houses in cities of the island Pacific are likely to be:

owned by expatriates and in gated communities

The earliest European settlements in Australia began as:

penal colonies

Permitting midnight and prayers and extending hours for worship engendered conflict in Sydney’s Baulkham Hills district when:

Muslim residents wanted to expand their place of worship

The federal capital of Australia and the federal capital of the United Sates are similar in all of the following except:

They were both located in light of national defense considerations

Ozone levels in Sydney regularly exceed the 4-hour standard for ozone concentration on 21 days a year. Why?

Car ownership is so ubiquitous

In Australia, the "tree change" phenomenon is drawing people away from big cities and toward areas that are:

wetter and cooler

Railroads were initially built in Australia to connect:

each coastal city with its hinterland

Papua New Guinea is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and therefore maintains a High Commission in Australia. In what city are all High Commissions located?


The displacement of young people and lower-paid workers from high cost-of-living areas in Australia is a problem if a city considers what to be important?

waterfront development

The two most populous cities in Australia are:

sydney and melbourne

Gentrification and the New Urbanism are often criticized because they foster:

social exclusion

Trends in the evolution of Sydney’s city center include:

increase in high rise luxury dwellings

Capital cities of Pacific Island nations (e.g., Suva) are generally characterized by all of the following except:

strong tourist sectors

Which one of the following does not apply to Sydney?

Environmentally sustainable metropolitan area

The growth of what city in Australia has taken place as people have left New South Wales and moved to the Sunbelt?


Which one of the following is true of Sydney’s suburbs?

The greatest concentration of migrants is found in the suburbs

In Sydney, housing prices have more than doubled since the century began, resulting in:

the concentration of lower-income groups in rental housing

The process of deindustrialization hit Aotearoa/New Zealand in the late 20th century. Which one of the following correctly states an impact of deindustrialization on Auckland?

Some manufacturing relocated to Auckland from other cities on North and South Islands.

Ho Chi Minh City is likely to face more frequent, heavier rains, bigger storm surges, and more tropical storms. Why?

Global warming, which is expressed as higher temperatures over the adjacent South China Sea.

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and Brazil’s planned capital of Brasilia are examples of:


The globalization of cities leads to:

decreasing importance of national boundaries

Given the cities on the following list, what is the ratio of cities with high network connectivity to cities with low network connectivity?

Boston / Kinshasa / London / Pyongyang / Seoul


The Mercer Quality of Life Index found that what cities have the highest quality of life in the world?

vienna, zurich, auckland

Which one of the following describes an urban economic base that could be classified as a K-economy?

medical research and development, plus health care services

With 38 million people, what urban area will remain the world’s most populous at least through 2050?


With respect to city populations, rapid growth is to negative growth as:

African cities are to Russian cities

Of the following, which one has had the greatest impact on time-space compression?

new communication technologies

What is, and will continue to be, the most populous urban agglomeration on the continent of North America?

mexico city

According to the World Bank

more than half of Africa’s urban resident do not have access to proper sanitation

The Internet creates new opportunities for lower-ranking cites in the urban hierarchy to compete in niche markets. Which one of the following provides an example of this principle?

The musical recording industry of Brandon, Manitoba

Looking towards the future of world urban development, cities of the Global South will:

have the highest urban growth rates

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