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a bar chart compares trends over even time intervals


when the landscape oritentation is selected, the data and chart will be positioned vertically on a page


moving a chart object around on a worksheet can affect the data in the worksheet


the horizontal axis is also called the value axis


a chart must be located in a specific cell or at a specific range address


word art, which lets you create curved or strylized text, can be created using the Chart tools format tab


a collection of related data points is called a ———-

data series

a —– identifies each data series in a chart


——- indicate the scale of measure for each value on the Y- axis


each value in a cell selected for a chart is called a —– —-

data point

teh x- axis and y- axis are respectively the ——- ——- ————–

horizontal and vertical axis

which two charts compare trends overtime intervals?

scatter line

a pie chart ——————————————————-

compares sizes of pieces as part of a whole

which chart type would you use to compare distinct objects over time using a horizontal format?


to show how individual volume changes over time in relation to total volume, use an ——- chart


on a chart created in excel the vertical axis is called the —— axis


item —- represents a data point


item —- represents the vertical axis


item 4 points to the ———————-

data marker

item 5 represents the ———————

data series

item —- represents the horizontal axis


item 7 represents ———–


a chart that is inserted directly in the current worksheet is called an ——————


a —– chart compares distinct object levels using a vertical format; is the excel default


the chart shown above is a —– chart


the arrow is pointing to —– —–

sizing handles

you can add data labels by selecting your chart and clicking the data labels button in the labels group in the chart tools ———– tab on the ribbon


you can modify the data range and configuration of a chart in the —- group of the chart tools design tab


—– are the horizontal and vertical lines in a chart that enable the eye to follow the value on an axis


you can apply a chart type to an existing data series in a chart to create ——– chart


item 3 points to a ———— —– —–

horizontal axis title

item 4 point to a —– —– ——

horizontal axis label

item 1 to a —– —– —–

vertical axis title

item 2 to a ——————– —-

vertical axis label

text annotations are ———- that you can add to further describe the data in your chart


——– —— lets you create diagram types including list process cycle hierarchy relationship matrix pyramid

smart art

you can add a text box using the chart tools ——— tab


—– make it possible to apply multiple formats to a data series such as an outline fill color and text color all with a single click


in a pie chart slices that are pulled away are said to be ————————


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