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In the Philippines, attempted takeovers by Communist rebels

ended after a democracy was established.

The conflict in Argentina known as the Dirty War occurred in the

1970s and 1980s.

After Mao Zedong died in 1976, Deng Xiaoping became China’s leader and adopted ______________ as the country’s main goal.


The main reason Cárdenas nationalized Mexico’s oil industry was to

end corruption within private oil businesses.

Vietnam’s war for independence and division into two countries in 1954 led the United States to send military forces to the region. Why did this take place?

The United States feared the spread of Communism throughout Southeast Asia.

After Brazil attempted to create a democracy, military rulers regained power in the 1960s and

took away human rights.

Why were the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo upset with Argentina’s military government?

Their children were missing.

Following the end of military rule, Brazil created

a new constitution.

A result of Salvador Allende’s presidency in Chile was

an economic crisis.

The graph shows China’s grain production during the Five-Year Plan and the Great Leap Forward.
Based on the graph, what conclusion best describes grain production during the Great Leap Forward from 1958-60?

It went down, causing a drop in food production and famine.

The Philippines gained full independence from the US in


Which explains a difference between Deng Xiaoping and Mao Zedong in regards to economic policy?

Deng sought to modernize China by introducing capitalism in a limited way, while Mao rejected all capitalist ideas.

Which actions did Fidel Castro take in Cuba after creating a communist system in 1959? Check all that apply.

He nationalized the Cuban economy. He repressed the civil liberties of all citizens. He prohibited free press in the country.

Chile become a democracy again in


How did Deng Xiaoping’s economic policies change Chinese culture?

They enabled people to embrace Western goods and ideas.

Read the excerpt from the Brazilian Constitution of 1988.

A member of the Armed Forces . . . is eligible for election to the presidency if the following conditions are met:
• If he has less than ten years of service, he shall have to take leave from military activities. . . .
• If he has more than ten years of service, he shall be discharged of military duties by his superiors . . .

Which best states what the excerpt says about the constitution’s effect on the military?

It has protections to keep the military from taking power again.

How did military leaders prevent democracy in Brazil? Check all that apply.

They arrested legislators. They regulated political parties. They controlled elections.

The Mexican Constitution of 1917 sought to protect democratic rule by

breaking up large estates, providing free education, and establishing minimum-wage laws.

The political affiliation of Chile’s president in 1970, Salvador Allende, is best described as


China modernized its military under Deng Xiaoping by

decreasing its size and updating technology.

_______ was the transfer of land and industry in Cuba from private owners to the government under Fidel Castro.


A military group that rules another country by force is

a junta.

Which best explains how Hugo Chavez damaged democracy in Venezuela?

He joined with like-minded leaders in Latin America.

Mexico’s Constitution of 1917 helped the working class by

protecting the right to strike.

Porfirio Diaz and Santa Anna each led Mexico after independence as




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