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Warning sign, similar to a sideways "V" or the greater than or less than math symbol > and means sharp curve.

Construction zone signs

Alert drivers to construction zones ahead, rectangular and diamond in shape, orange and black in color.


X shape used for railroad crossing sign

Guide signs

Guide drivers to their destinations by identifying routes well in advance. Consist of information, cultural points and services and come in a variety of shapes and colors, including green, brown, and blue.


High occupancy vehicle, lane reserved for vehicles with two or people.

Incident signs

Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) signs that let you know when you should be prepared to stop or when roadways are closed or detoured due to a road user incident, natural disaster, hazardous material spill, or other unplanned incident. These signs are fluorescent pink with black lettering.

Regulatory signs

Tell the driver about specific laws to obey and regulate the speed and movement of traffic. They are rectangle in shape and can be red/white, white/black or red/white/black in color.

Reserved lanes

Lanes reserved for special vehicles (i.e., buses, bicycles, high occupancy vehicles) and are marked by special signs, often with a white diamond on the sign or painted on the road surface.

Reversible lanes

Carries traffic in different directions at different times and are marked with double-dashed yellow lines with signals above the lanes to designate traffic flow.

Shared left-turn lane

Used for making left turns from either direction in the middle of the roadway where it is difficult to make a left turn safely.

Traffic control devices

Help ensure highway safety by providing for the orderly and predictable movement of all traffic, motorized and non-motorized, throughout the highway transportation system. These devices tell drivers where they are, where they are going and how to get there. They provide information about laws, dangers and the roadway.

Warning signs

Tells a driver of a possible danger a short distance ahead and allows the driver time to safely minimize risk. Mostly diamond shape and yellow/black color, some signs, such as school zones, school crossing and pedestrian crossings are fluorescent optic yellow.

What are regulatory signs?

tell the driver about specific laws they must obey; examples: stop sign, yield sign, do not enter, one-way, no turn on red, do not pass, no left turn.

What are warning signs?

tell a driver of possible danger ahead; examples: curve ahead, t-intersection, lane ends, pedestrian crossing, share the road with bicycles, deer crossing, stop sign ahead, ramp speed, railroad crossing, no passing zone.

What are guide signs?

guide drivers to their destination by identifying routes in advance; examples: mile marker, city and street names, exit signs.

What are construction zone signs and what color and shape are they?

alert drivers to construction zones ahead, rectangle or diamond shape, orange and black in color.

What type of pavement marking tells you when you are allowed to pass another vehicle?

white or yellow broken lines

what are white lines used for?

separate lanes of traffic going in the same direction, designate turn lanes, mark the right edge of the roadway, used for arrows to indicate the direction traffic is flowing and which direction you may turn

What does a red X in a reversible lane mean?

the lane is closed to traffic going in your direction

What does HOV mean?

High Occupancy Vehicles, lanes reserved for vehicles with 2 or more people

What do the three colors on a traffic signal indicate?

stop, go and slow, prepare to stop

What is the purpose of a shared left-turn lane?

making left turns from either direction in the middle of a roadway where it is difficult to make a left turn safely

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