Unit 3- The Jacksonian Period and Westward Expantion

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How did the "corrupt bargain" affect the US political party system in the 1820s?

The Democratic political party was formed.

Prior to 1820, how did eligible citizens cast their votes in elections?

by calling out their votes

Andrew Jackson and his supporters responded to the "corrupt bargain" of 1824 by

forming the Democratic Party.

What was significant about the election of 1828?

It reintroduced the two-party system

Which best describes Andrew Jackson’s unique campaign tactics during the election of 1828?

Jackson appealed directly to voters and voter participation significantly increased.

Which best describes the "corrupt bargain" of 1824?

Henry Clay helped John Quincy Adams win Congress’s vote for the presidency, so Adams made Clay the secretary of state.

Which of the following was an economic event that led to an expansion of voting rights in the US?

The Panic of 1819

Which best explains how the Panic of 1819 affected voting rights?

Many white male property owners lost their land and, with it, the right to vote.

One reason Andrew Jackson was considered a champion of the "common man" was because he

fought in the War of 1812.

Which best explains how the Democratic Party was formed in the 1820s?

Andrew Jackson felt betrayed by his loss in 1824 and wanted to create a political party for the "common people."

Beginning in 1820, states changed voting rights to include all

adult white males.

How did the "corrupt bargain" affect the US political party system in the 1820s?

The democratic party was formed

Which describes a reform of the 1820s that made voting easier?

The numbers of polling places increased.

What impact did the spoils system have on American government?

The spoils system was debated long after Jackson’s presidency had ended.

What was one particular goal that Andrew Jackson pursued during his presidency?

to lessen the influence of eastern landowners in politics

Which describes an action taken by President Andrew Jackson that promoted the creation of a new political party?

Jackson’s veto of the charter extension for the Second National Bank prompted the creation of the Whig Party.

Which US president was strongly associated with the spoils system?

Andrew Jackson

The "spoils" of the spoils system, which was established in the laate 1820s, were

government jobs taken from a current president’s opponents and given to the supporters.

What was the main action President Jackson took regarding the Second National Bank?

Jackson vetoed an extension of its charter, causing it to dissolve.

Which best defines the term spoils system?

a system that allowed the winning political party to give jobs to supporters

Which did President Andrew Jackson support?

the Indian Removal Act

President Andrew Jackson replaced a number of government workers with his


In the 1830s, what was one argument against the Second National Bank?

The bank took money from common people for the wealthy.

Which did President Andrew Jackson oppose?

the Electoral College

Which was a major source of controversy for President Andrew Jackson?

the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears

One of the reasons Henry Clay believed a national bank was needed was

to stabilize prices

Henry Clay was known for

creating compromises

Which became a major center of commerce and trade after the Erie Canal was built in the early 1800s?

New York City

What was the reason Democrats opposed the American System?

It gave the government too large of a role in the economy

In the early 19th century, what was the primary means for transporting goods?


Which two rivers were connected by the Cuimberland

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