Unit 12

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Which DSL standard has the fastest speeds immediately outside the CO?


How many channels are in an ISDN PRI connection?


What kind of network is the PSTN?


What kind of device can monitor a connection at the demarc but cannot interpret data?

Smart jack

Where does an MPLS label go in a PDU?

Between Layers 2 and 3

What is the lowest layer of the OSI model at which LANs and WANs support the same protocols?

Layer 3

______________ in SONET are analogous to the ________________ of T-carriers.

OC levels, digital signal levels

What specifications define the standards for cable broadband?


An organization can lease a private _________________ that is not shared with other users, or a _________________ that can be physically configured over shared lines in the carrier’s cloud.

dedicated line, virtual circuit

What method does a GSM network use to separate data on a channel?


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