Unit 1, Quiz 2- Body Systems

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The ____________ system prepares food for absorption into the bloodstream.


The ____________ forms a food substance into small balls and then pushes them into the ____________

Pharynx, esophagus

While in the ____________, food is broken down by powerful acids and turned into chyme


Nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream through small finger-like nodules on the wall of the ____________ called villi.

Small intestine

The muscular system is composed of approximately 600 ____________ muscles.


____________ muscles move without conscious control.


Skeletal and smooth muscles move when nerve impulses, sent from the ____________, stimulate the muscle fibers, telling them to either contract or relax.


The ____________ system protects internal organs from harmful bacteria, sunlight and injury.


The ____________ remove excess water, salts, uric acids, and chemicals from the blood.


The ____________ stores the waste until it is ready to be expelled from the body.

Urinary bladder

The ____________ system regulates the body’s metabolism, growth, and functions of the sexual organs.


The ____________ gland controls and regulates all other glands and secretes growth hormones.


The ____________ skeleton protects the body’s vital organs.


The ____________ skeleton consists of the skull, spine, ribs and sternum.


Movement occurs when the skeletal system works with the ____________ system.


Which system is responsible for gathering, storing, and responding to information?

Nervous system

Select all that apply.

Which systems comprise the nervous system?

Peripheral nervous system (PNS) Central nervous system (CNS)

Select all that apply.

What are the main organs of the CNS?

Brain Spinal Cord

<b>Got this question wrong</b> The ____________ nervous system receives information from sense organs and analyzes that information.

Peripheral (this was wrong tho)

When a response to information is initiated, the ____________ nervous system carries the response to the rest of the body.


A neuron transfers information in the form of an electrical impulse.


The ____________ nervous system transmits information to voluntary muscles while the ____________ nervous system transmits information to involuntary muscles.

Somatic, autonomic

Select ALL of the following that are purposes of BOTH the female and male reproductive systems.

To produce reproductive hormones To produce reproductive cells To transport reproductive cells

Which part of the female reproductive system is responsible for protecting and nourishing a developing fetus?


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