Unit 1 Government

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(1.2) Why did direct democracy work for the ancient Greek city of Athens?

Athens had a small population.

(1.2) What is the main difference between federal and confederal systems of government?

In a federal system there is centralized authority, while in a confederal system power is distributed equally among the states.

(1.2) What are two types of oligarchies?

theocracy and communism

(1.2) The best reason why direct democracy would not work well in the United States is that

large groups of voters would be difficult to manage.

(1.2) An oligarchy is best defined as

a government ruled by a small, elite group.

(1.2) The two forms of democracy are

direct and representative.

(1.2) Which statement best defines a communist government?

A communist government is led by one political party.

(1.2) What is the main way a representative democracy differs from a direct democracy?

Citizens elect leaders who vote on the issues in a representative democracy, and citizens vote on the issues in a direct democracy.

(1.2)In a government, states function independently of one another.


(1.2)In an autocracy, what kind of power does the leader hold?

He holds all power

(1.1)A public safety service the US government provides is

police officers.

(1.1)Which best states a difference between voting in the US and in other countries?

In some countries, citizens do not have the right to vote.

(1.1)A country governed by a central party is best characterized as


(1.1)Which best describes why voters choose political candidates?

to represent their interests in government

(1.1)The part of the US government that interprets laws is the

Judicial branch

(1.1)Which best describes the two main functions of US government?

Government creates laws and provides leadership.

(1.1)Which best explains why it is important for people to be aware of government policies?

People can influence policies by letting their representatives know how they feel about policies.

(1.1)Citizens would most likely state their views about issues affecting their community during

City council meeting

(1.1) A plan of action taken by government to achieve a goal is a


(1.1)What does the US government help regulate?

The Economy

(1.3) Pericles claimed that the Athenian government, unlike other Greek city-states,

treated all its people fairly regardless of class.

(1.3)A direct democracy is one in which all citizens

vote on important decisions.

(1.3)The Ten Commandments are a list of rules for

living and worshiping.

(1.3)The most important way in which the Greeks influenced American democracy was by allowing

citizens to participate in government.

(1.3)Judeo-Christian principles refer to the religious beliefs and values held in common by

Christians and Jews.

(1.3) How many of the Ten Commandments can be found in the laws of the United States?


(1.3)A benefit of a bicameral legislature is that it

separates powers, keeping one body from gaining too much power.

(1.3) Which of these statements best describes the Greek city-states?

Each city-state had its own form of government.

(1.3)A bicameral legislature is made up of how many bodies?


(1.3)In what way did ancient Athens influence the framers of the United States Constitution?

The Council of 500 made all major decisions.

(1.4)The Magna Carta was presented to King John in 1215 because people

were tired of his tyrannical rule.

(1.4)The English Bill of Rights put limits on the power of

the monarchy.

(1.4)Which rights for citizens appear in the English Bill of Rights? Check all that apply.

1.right to trial by jury 2.protection from cruel and unusual 3.punishment right to bear arms

(1.4)Common law follows the past rulings of


(1.4)The Glorious Revolution of 1688 demonstrated that Parliament had

power over the English monarchy.

(1.4) Common law refers to laws determined through


(1.4)William Blackstone was important because he

created a record of common law.

(1.4)What was an important effect of Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England?

Common law became more accessible.

(1.4)Which of these best completes the empty box to the right?

Common Law

(1.4)The Magna Carta placed clear limits on the power of the


(1.5) Which could be considered an act indicating acceptance of the social contract?

driving on the highway

(1.5)supported the Enlightenment idea that people are naturally selfish.

Thomas Hobbes

(1.5) According to the quote, the Enlightenment encourages people to for themselves.


(1.5) Locke argued that all humans are born with what natural rights?

life, liberty, and property

(1.5) The key idea of John Locke’s Enlightenment theory was to protect and enhance the freedoms and rights of

The individual

(1.5)John Locke believed humans are

naturally reasonable

(1.5) What did the philosophers of the Enlightenment seek to understand?

the natural rights governing human behavior and society

(1.5)What did Hobbes think government control was necessary for?

providing safety and security

(1.5)John Locke thought that people were neither good nor bad innately. How did Hobbes’s views differ from those of Locke’s?

Hobbes thought people were innately violent.

(1.5) How did the philosophers of the Enlightenment view the relationship between government and the governed?

as balanced

(1.6) Which part of the Declaration of Independence acts as an implied plan of action, in that it lists laws and practices to be changed?

The body

(1.6) As the result of a conflict between British troops and a colonial militia in Massachusetts,

Thomas Paine published Common Sense.

(1.6)Why were taxes an ongoing source of conflict for the American colonists?

They were taxed without having representation in Parliament.

(1.6)What purpose did the introduction to the Declaration of Independence serve?

It indicated why independence was necessary.

(1.6)The Declaration of Independence refers to rights as being unalienable. What does "unalienable" mean?

cannot be surrendered

(1.6) Read the quotation from the Declaration of Independence.

"For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world."

Which reason best explains why this grievance was included in the Declaration?

Trade focused on generating income for the Crown only.

(1.6)In which section of the Declaration of Independence is the purpose of government described?


(1.6)Was the Declaration of Independence intended to be a formal declaration of war? Why or why not?

No. The war started a year before the Declaration of Independence was written.

(1.6)As the colonies moved toward independence, the First Continental Congress was created in


(1.6)As the colonies moved toward independence, the First Continental Congress was created in

Government has the power to protect natural rights, but people can change their government if it fails to do so.

(1.7)The fact that there was no national military was a weakness in which area of government?


(1.7)Which reason most closely illustrates why the federal government was unable to maintain order in the new nation?

There was no national court system

(1.7)If the cartoon is interpreted with the Articles of Confederation in mind, what would it most likely be saying?

In order for the Articles of Confederation to be more successful, all states must work together.

(1.7)What was the result of administrative weaknesses under the Articles of Confederation?

The government couldn’t maintain order.

(1.7)What would be the federal government’s biggest problem if a war was imminent?

The federal government had no national military.

(1.7)Which is a true statement about the weakness of the administrative area of government under the Articles of Confederation?

The national government had no power to enforce laws.

(1.7)Under the Articles of Confederation, if Virginia had ten thousand citizens and Delaware had five thousand citizens, how many representatives would each state have in the legislature?

Virginia would have two, and Delaware would have two.

(1.7)Which word best describes the federal government that was created under the Articles of Confederation?


(1.7)What was the main failure of the Articles of Confederation that eventually led to the US Constitution?

The national government didn’t hold enough power.

(1.7)After the colonists won independence from Britain, what was their main concern?

having a government that was too strong and powerful

(1.8) The Constitution was a result of multiple


(1.8) In what part of the Great Compromise are the ideas of the Virginia Plan represented?

the House of Representatives

(1.8)Why was the issue of slavery so important to the delegates of the Constitutional Convention?

Both regions recognized that how enslaved people were counted would significantly affect representation.

(1.8)What was the primary way that the economy in the South differed from the economy of the North?

The farms of the South raised agricultural products.

(1.8)Which statement about the Great Compromise is accurate?

It merged the ideas of multiple delegates’ plans.

(1.8)Why did the state delegates meet in 1787?

to discuss a better system of government

(1.8)Which statement about the northern states in the 1780s is accurate?

They generally had less enslaved labor than the southern states.

(1.8)The act of formally approving something is known as

Ratification skills

(1.8)Why were delegates working to replace the Articles of Confederation?

The Articles created a central government that was too weak.

(1.8)Once the delegates determined the Three-Fifths Compromise, what issue did they tackle next?

the presidential process

The concept of checks and balances ensures that

each branch of government has the ability to limit the power of the others.

Which statement about the Three-Fifths Compromise is accurate?

The Three-Fifths Compromise was a temporary solution to a long-term political issue.

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense pushed for a more radical solution than the First Continental Congress did in resolving issues of British rule. What was Paine’s solution?

declaring independence

Which scenario could cause the most problems under the Articles of Confederation?

A man wants to use national currency to buy a horse in Maryland.

When leaders use religious laws to govern, they most likely represent


The Enlightenment was an age of inquiry based on , not religion.


Which type of governmental power does a unitary system hold?

centralized power

Read this passage from the English Bill of Rights.

That it is the right of the subjects to petition the king, and all commitments and prosecutions for such petitioning are illegal.

This passage from the English Bill of Rights led to the protection of which right?

Freedom of speech

Read the following quotation from George Washington.

The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create whatever the form of government, a real despotism.

What was Washington warning against?

Having a single ruler

A charter is a written document that

states the conditions of an agreement.

If leaders wanted to create a government that is more effective than the government under the Articles of Confederation, which is the most important idea that should be embraced?

The federal government cannot be weak.

rights are basic rights to which all humans are entitled.


In a unitary system of government, power is

held by a central government.

What did the Three-Fifths Compromise rule about enslaved people?

Partially counted

Judeo-Christian principles helped influence government in

The United State

Which statement about the delegates at the Constitutional Convention is accurate?

The delegates considered each one of their states to be independen

What were the men who came to the Constitutional Convention referred to as


What is the best definition of bicameral

a government made up of two parts or houses

A state legislator wants to amend the Articles of Confederation. How many states would have to agree in order for the amendment to pass

All of them

Why was it very difficult to get laws passed under the Articles of Confederation

A state legislator wants to amend the Articles of Confederation. How many states would have to agree in order for the amendment to pass

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