UMUC WRTG 393- Academic Integrity Quiz

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Plagiarism occurs when you

present another person’s ideas, intentionally or unintentionally, as your own

Which of the following is not plagiarism?

Offering information from one’s personal experience

Patchwriting is

using words and phrases from the source text and patching them together in new sentence

Not providing quotation marks around a direct quotation is

plagiarism because it leads to the false assumption that the words are your own.

Imagine you encounter a piece of text that is 30 words long from page 110 of an article. You would like to use this text in your paper. What should you do?

Put the text word-for-word in your paper, but make sure to put quotations around the text and cite the source. Note that it came from page 110. Then include the source in your list of references a

A research question is

the question a researcher asks that guides his or her inquiry into the topic.

Understanding public opinion

is not an element one would need to focus one’s topic

When paraphrasing a passage for your paper, you should

c) use your own phrasing.

If you do not get any hits when typing in your search terms into the search tab, you

d) want to divide your question into keywords. Then you can search on the keywords.

A trade journal

b) provides specialized news on an industry

Coverage refers to

the way a source investigates, discusses, and handles a topic

Currency refers to

d) the date the article was published.

Reliability refers to

sources that are well documented and grounded in scholarly or credible research, data, or both.

Three strategies a student should use in researching are

b) balance of voice; summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting; and citing.

Square brackets are used to

change a word in a quotation so that it makes more sense grammatically.

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