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The United Nations recently inaugurated a new category of city size: metacities. What is a metacity?

an urban agglomeration with over 20 million inhabitants

Which one of the following associations is not correct?


What industry transformed the following cities: Adelaide, Australia; Tolliati, Russia; Turin, Italy; Detroit, USA?

automobile industry

After the collapse of the Roman Empire, European cities declined, but in East Asia at least one city stood at over a million residents. What was that city?


If you were studying cities located in the More Developed Countries, you might consider case studies in all of the following except:


A new town is:

comprehensively planned to be as self-contained as possible

Textile manufacturing would be illustrative of which sector of a city’s economy?

secondary sector

The influence of the CBD is least important in which of the traditional models of city structure?

Harris and Ullman’s multiple nuclei model

Continents which do not have any megacities at the present time include:

Antarctica and Australia

Which one of the following is not one of the U.S. and Canada’s eleven recognized megalopolitan regions?

I-40 from Memphis to Oklahoma City

The city of Los Angeles is so large that it has several business districts, including Hollywood and Beverly Hills. This is reminiscent of the:

multiple nuclei model

If you do not view Hurricane Katrina’s impact on New Orleans as a "natural disaster," which one of the following sources of damage would you emphasize?

breaches in the poorly-designed levees

Los Angeles was a small town in the 1880s. What then precipitated a growth boom?

arrival of the railroads

What category of land use accounts for an enormous one fifth of urban land in the United States?

roads and highways

What do Cleveland and Detroit have in common?

They are shrinking cities

Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland rose to prominence during what era of urban history?

The era of industrial capitalism

New York City is broken up into 126 different zoning districts.


The average New Yorker releases an average of 1.7 metric tons of greenhouse gasses per person per year.


Manhattan is the largest and most densely populated borough in New York.


The initial start to the employment loss in New York City began with the Oil Embargo of 1973 and 1974.


Sub-neighborhoods date back the 18th century.


Which one of the following is proportionally the least important constituent of the ethnic geography of Central American cities?


After 1898, what foreign country got involved in Havana’s road and railroad expansion, sugar and cigar factory construction, and the newly arrived automobile industry?

United States

Havana’s prosperity during the first hundred years of its existence was tied to its role as:

a transshipment point for goods bound for Seville.

In 2006, the Union of Spanish American City Capitals declared what city to be the cultural capital of Spanish America?

San José

Mara Salvatrucha, or MS13, is dominant in El Salvador but now spreads from Canada to Colombia. What is Mara Salvatrucha?

a gang

According to the Griffin-Ford model, what category of land use borders the "spine" of a Latin American city?

elite residential land use

Mexico City stands on the site of the pre-Colombian Aztec capital of:


With one exception, the capital cities of Central America are connected by what road, which is often called the region’s "backbone"?

Pan-American Highway

What crop had consolidated Central America’s national capitals by the end of the 19th century?


Many people travel to the United States from San Jose to get more affordable dental care.


How much income would you need a month to retire in Costa Rica?


Costa Rica has the 2nd lowest employment rate in Latin America.


What percentage of San Jose citizen’s live below the poverty line?


In the 1970s, Costa Rica dramatically decreased health care spending due to foreign involvement.


Since the beginning of the 21st century, Bogota has successfully developed what two alternatives to the automobile as methods of moving people around the city?

Bus Rapid Transit and Bicycle Lanes

As the gap between rich and poor has widened in most cities of South America, what has happened to the urban elite?

They have moved to protected luxury apartments and gated suburban communities.

The ambulantes (street vendors) of South America’s cities:

represent one of the few occupations open to poor women

The three megacities of South America are:

São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro

Which one of the following is not true with respect to spatial segregation in South American cities?

Polarization of lifestyles by neighborhood is decreasing

The colonial core of Lima, the central area of Brasília, and the Carioca landscapes of Rio de Janeiro have all been designated:

World Heritage Sites by UNESCO

With nearly 50 million people in an area the size of Austria, it represents a quarter of the national population and one-third of the GNP. What is it?

Brazil’s megalopolis


has a center that is shaped like an airplane with a residential and governmental axis.

How many citizens of Rio are currently living in favelas?

2 million

At night time, the safest mode of transportation is by bus.


The Rio de Janeiro subway system operates 24/7.


How much of the city’s sewage is receiving treatment?


What percent of citizens are not connected to proper sanitation?


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