U.S. History Ch. 14

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Religious freedom

Traditionally, immigrants had come to America for economic opportunity and

Dirty, crowded, and unhealthy

Travel accommodations for most immigrants to the United States were

Industrial jobs

Most new immigrants lived in cities to be close to


Which of these immigrants would have been least likely to encounter prejudice?

Steady employment

Rural-to-urban migration was primarily motivated by


Which invention made the building and use of skyscrapers feasible?

European Protestants

Which group of people made up the majority of immigrants to America before 1870?

Potential Employment

Which of these factors pulled immigrants to the United States?

Legal standing

At processing stations, officials met with immigrants to determine their medical condition and

Settlement Houses

Which of the following provided Americanization programs for new immigrants?


What feeling did Li Keng Wong experience on Angel Island?


Immigrants left Ellis Island within


Immigrants often remained at Angel Island for


The first reliable streetcars were powered by


Most Midwestern cities were established near

Separate functions within a city

Zoning laws were designed primarily to


Even though unlit city streets were dangerous, factory workers had to travel to and from work in the


Mass culture signified a change in American life because Americans became more alike in their

A new emphasis on acquiring goods

The middle-class lifestyle of the Gilded Age featured


Consumption patterns were most influenced by

More efficient

After the Civil War, the cost of living decreased because technology made manufacturing

Poor sanitation conditions

one of the dangers of living in a tenement was that tenements had few windows and

Jacob Riis

What journalist called attention to the living conditions of tenement-dwellers?


What city showed the most gradual increase in population between 1850 and 1890?

Americanize new immigrants

Urban leaders counted on schools to

Mass transit and sanitation

Cities addressed the problems caused by urban living because governments began to offer services such as


ten story or higher buildings with steel frames

Mass Transit

public system to move large numbers of people inexpensively

Gilded Age

the last decades of the nineteenth century


belief that native-born white Americans are superior to newcomers


rapid growth of cities

Rural to Urban Migration

a person who moves from an agricultural area to a city

William Randolph Hearst

sensationalist publisher


type of show that became popular in the late 19th century

Elisha Otis

inventor of the elevator

Horatio Alger

wrote inspiring novels about success in America

Ellis Island

important immigrant processing station​

Melting Pot

blended nationalities that create a single culture​

Mass Culture

similar consumer patterns across society

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