U.S. Government 5.03 Political Parties Quiz

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Which minor party has never been active in the United States?


Which of the following is not a minor party in the history of the United States?


Which is the most common party system in the world today?


Which of the following is the most common party system in the world today?

a group of people seeking to advance their ideas

A political party is an example of which of the following?


What does a linkage institution help people do?

interact with their government

What is a coalition?

a temporary alliance among political groups to gain power

When no single party has the majority in a multiparty system, it must join with other parties to form which of the following?


An authoritarian government is usually evidence of which of the following?

single-party rule

A government run by one person is usually evidence of what kind of system?


Which of the following is the smallest organized political area for voting?


Which of the following is the smallest level of political organization?


The two-party system in the United States is now defined by which pair of parties?

Republican and Democrat

What are the two main political parties in the United States?

Democratic and Republican

Political parties hold a national convention to do which of the following?

formally nominate their candidate

Where are presidential candidates formally nominated?

at a national convention

Third parties have influenced some elections in U.S. history by doing which of the following?

presenting positions that the major parties then adopt

Which term is used in U.S. politics for a significant party outside the two dominant parties?

third party

What is a party platform?

a statement of a party’s position on the issues

At the national convention, what does a party issue to explain its position on the issues of the day?

a platform

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