U.S. Government 4.01 (The Judicial Branch)

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Which of the following cases would be heard first in an U.S. District Court?

A citizen of Mexico residing in Utah accuses a U.S. university of violating her civil rights

What is the role of a judge in a jury trial?

The judge makes sure the evidence is presented fairly and the jurors understand the law and procedures

During a jury trial,

each side in a criminal or civil case will present evidence to support their position

Petitions to the U.S. Supreme Court have

increased over time and are primarily accepted by writ of certiorari

Which of the following cases would be heard first in a state trial court?

damages related to a car accident

The majority of federal cases in the United States are settled by

U.S. District Courts

Which of the following cases would the U.S. Supreme Court be the first to hear?

a criminal trial involving a U.S. ambassador

The federal court of original jurisdiction is the

U.S. District Court

The U.S. Supreme Court accepts

about one percent of cases requested for review

Which of the following established the federal court system, including circuits and appellate courts?

The Judiciary Act of 1789

Jurisdiction means the

authority to hear and rule on a certain type of case

A case appealed from a Georgia court of appeals would go to the

Georgia court of last resort

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