Triangle Similarity- AA

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What are the coordinates of point S"?

(-3/2, 9/2)

Which transformations could have occurred to map △ABC to △A"B"C"?

a reflection and a dilation

Which transformations could be performed to show that △ABC is similar to △A"B"C"?

a 180° rotation about the origin, then a dilation by a scale factor of 1/3

△XYZ was reflected over a vertical line, then dilated by a scale factor of 1/2, resulting in △X’Y’Z’. Which must be true of the two triangles? Check all that apply.

△XYZ ~ △X’Y’Z’ XZY ≅ Y’Z’X’ XZ = 2X’Z’

Which composition of transformations will create a pair of similar, not congruent triangles?

a rotation, then a dilation

Triangle MNO was dilated, then [___________], to create triangle YHQ.


Which piece of additional information can be used to prove △CEA ~ △CDB?

∠BDC and ∠AED are right angles

Right triangle ABC is reflected over AC, then dilated by a scale factor of 2/3. Which statements about the two triangles must be true? Check all that apply.

✔️△ABC ~ △DEC ✔️∠B ≅ ∠E ✖️3BC = 2EC ✔️3DE = 2AB ✖️3m∠A = 2m∠D ✖️2m∠A = 3m∠D

What is the missing statement in step 4?


Multiple similarity transformations are performed on a triangle. Which elements must be preserved?

angle measure

Given: AB ∥ DE
Prove: △ABC ~ △EDC

AA similarity theorem

Which diagram could be used to prove △ABC ~ △DEC using similarity transformations?

(answer with 2 right triangles next to eachother)

Triangle RST was [______________], then dilated, to create triangle ZXY.


Which must be true in order for the relationship △ZYV ~ △XWV to be correct?

∠Z ≅ ∠X and ∠W ≅ ∠Y

In the diagram below, m∠A = 55° and m∠E = 35°. Which best explains the relationship between triangle ACB and triangle DCE?

D. The triangles are similar because all pairs of corresponding angles are congruent.

Which diagram could be used to prove △ABC ~ △DEC using similarity transformations?

1st image A.

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