Travel Card 101 Assessment

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Which item is a benefit of using the travel card?

Using it prevents travelers from having to use their own money for official travel expenses.

Which statement about an individually billed account (IBA) is true?

Regardless of the status of the traveler’s reimbursement, they must pay their bill on time.

Which situation will most likely result in an individual being issued a restricted travel card?

The traveler refuses to authorize a credit check.

. Patricia is preparing to go TDY. Which of the following is NOT an action she should take to prepare?

Hold onto vouchers from earlier trips, so she can process them all together when she returns.

What does Vanessa need to do next before she can receive a travel card?

Sign a DoD Statement of Understanding and provide it to her APC.

Which is a reason for account suspension?

Account delinquent after 61 days

Which of the statements about a lost or stolen travel card is true?

The cardholder is responsible for authorized charges made before losing the card.

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