Trapezoids and Kites

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What is the measure of <ADC in quadrilateral ABCD?


Which quadrilateral is a trapezoid?


A town planner wants to build two new streets, Elm Street and Garden Road, to connect parallel streets Maple Drive and Pine Avenue. In trapezoid EFGH, EF ~= HG. What is the measure of the angle between Elm Street and Pine Avenue?

b. 72°

Consider kite ABCD. What are the values of x and y?

c. x = 5, y = 22

The diagram shows quadrilateral MNPQ. What is the length of line segment MQ?

c. 11 units

If quadrilateral PQRS is a kite. which statements must be true? Check all that apply

QP ~= QR PM ~= MR <QPS ~= QRS

What is the measure of &lt;LMN in kite KLMN?


A kite has a perimeter of 108 feet. One of the longer sides measures 30 feet. What are the lengths of the other three sides?

a. 24 feet, 24 feet, 30 feet

A kite has a perimeter of 70 centimeters. One of the shorter sides measures 16 centimeters. What are the lengths of the other three sides?

b. 16 centimeters, 19 centimeters, and 19 centimeters

Which quadrilateral is a kite?


Given: JKLM is an isosceles trapezoid, KL || JM
Prove: KM ~= JL
What is the missing reason in step 4

c. base angles theorem

What is the value of x of n trapezoid ABCD?


The figure is a kite. What is the length of the kite’s longer diagonal?

c. 40 units

If KM is drawn on this quadrilateral, what will be its length?

b. 18 units

Right trapezoid WXYZ is shown. What is the measure of angle WXY?

c. 107°

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