Transition to Modern Times UNIT REVIEW

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Which choice most accurately describes the consequences that France faced after the Seven Years’ War?

The French gave up their colonies west of the Mississippi and Canada to Britain, and they gave New Orleans to Spain.

Spain and Portugal competed over territory in North America as a result of the voyages of

Christopher Columbus.

One of the long-reaching effects of the Spanish conquest was the spread of what religion across the Americas?


In what country did the Renaissance begin?


What caused Europe’s population to increase, to provoke its interest in trade, and provided its population with large amounts of gold and silver?

the Columbian Exchange

Which leader was defeated by Francisco Pizarro?


Which best explains how humanism affected the way Europeans thought about themselves?

Humanism helped Europeans believe in their own potential.

Which best explains why Hans Holbein the Younger was a Renaissance artist?

He used humanistic techniques to create realistic portraits of Europeans.

In The Prince, Machiavelli argues that leaders maintain power through

fear and cruelty.

Which statement about women’s power during the Renaissance is true?

Women had little political or economic power.

Which best states how major works produced during the High Renaissance, such as Mona Lisa, affected European culture?

Major works produced during the High Renaissance emphasized beauty and led to a revival of classical influenc

The Reformation in England stemmed from a difference of opinion between

an English monarch and the Catholic pope.

Trade spread the Italian Renaissance across Europe by

helping merchants become patrons.

During the 1500s, many Jesuits became


Which best describes the Incas?

a large and rich empire in South America

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