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The SR-____ certificate establishes your financial responsibility liability for damages


According to our text, another common injury in a collision is_________

a concussion

A reckless driving conviction goes on your __________ record


Talking on a cell phone is a major contribution to collisions.


Approximately _____ % of the factors that lead to collisions are attributed to driver error.


Acronym BAC stands for ______

Blood Alcohol Concentration

White ______ signs with text or images are important rules you must obey


A Yellow Traffic Light means _____ , a _____ light is about to appear.

caution, red

You should always carry your _____ when operating a vehicle.

drivers license

Any sign with a RED circle and RED line across it means ___


According to our text a _____ can be defined as a person on foot, or using some transportation.


As a pedestrian, you _____ always follow the traffic signals at the intersections before you cross.


Walking or jogging on _____ where pedestrians are not allowed can be very _____

freeways / dangerous

Vehicle operators should always yield to _____ with white canes or with Seeing Eye dogs as they _____ have the right of way.

pedestrians / always

The best term to describe when the rear wheels lose traction resulting in back and forth movement is ______


As stated in our course text, the term _____ behind the vehicle is one of the most common causes of collision when backing up.


_____ is another basic maneuver that needs to be performed very _____

changing lanes / frequently

Before initiating a lane change, you need to be sure there are no _____ , _____ , or other vehicles.

obstacles / pedestrians

If you want to practice driving defensively, you MUST be alert to your _____


Covering the brakes means taking your foot from the _____ and hovering it over the _____

accelerator / brakes

To avoid having to take any sudden actions, make sure that you keep looking about _____ seconds or more.

10 – 15

The _____ should be followed if you are towing a trailer or other heavy load.

4 second rule

Big rigs have a(n) _____ blind spot

very large

The most common cause of a collision is _____

unsafe speed

At what time do the maximum number of collisions take place?

between 3 p.m. to 9 p.m

Giving a turn signal _____ allows the vehicle behind to adjust their speed in time.

from a minimum of 100 feet before you make a turn

There are two main violations that lead to traffic collisions. They are _____ and _____

speeding and alcohol-impaired driving

If you are the first one to witness a collision you should NOT:

call your immediate family members

Road Rage is defined as:

an assault with a motor vehicle or other dangerous weapon by the operator or passenger(s) of another motor vehicle by an incident that occurred on a roadway.

According to our text driving can be a quite a _____ activity


In the State of California, Reckless Driving is _____

a misdemeanor

Which of the following may NOT cause road or aggressive driving?

being early to an event

Which of the following most likely will NOT help you keep your emotions in check?

Being in a healthy relationship

Which of the following is NOT considered a distraction while driving?

Checking the speedometer

According to our text, if you can hear your car music from _____ feet away, that means it is too loud.


Which of the following is considered NOT to be a cognitive distraction while driving?

Scanning the toad for hazards

According to our text, looking at a _____ while driving can be as dangerous as _____

navigational device / reading a text message

Taking care of _____ while driving is another big reason why people end up in vehicle collisions.

personal hygiene

California law makes it mandatory that every vehicle (except a motorcycle) have 2 functional tail lights:

from all distances within 1000 feet

You can use your horn _____

to avoid a collision or when passing

According to our text, it is estimated that about ___ – ___ % of all road collisions occur because of mechanical failure.

12 – 13

It is recommended that you change your oil every _____ miles.

3,000 – 5,000

Which of the following is NOT considered proper tire maintenance?

purchasing new tires

Regarding a center turn lane there are two lines painted on both the sides of the lane, where the inner line is ___ and the outer line is ___

broken / solid

You will be allowed to drive a low emission vehicle in _____ ONLY when you have a decal from the _____

the carpool lane / DMV

You can enter the bicycle lane once you are within _____ feet of the turn.


Do NOT cross over double parallel solid lines to enter or exit any _____ lane except at a designated area.


Which of the following line(s) may be crossed to pass another vehicle?

a broken yellow

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