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What is the BEST strategy to improve flexibility in your legs and back?

A. concentrating your stretching on your legs and back

How can tight muscles result in back pain?

B. They can constrict the nerves in the spinal column.

Which of the following BEST describes the exercise principle of specificity?

C. targeting a particular area for improvement

What flexibility assessment requires a partner?

C. trunk life

How can stiff and tight muscles result in back pain?

Stiff and tight muscles can constrict nerves in the back. When these nerves are constricted, it can result in sensations of pain throughout the back, especially the lower back.

The FITT principle stands for __________.

A. frequency, intensity, time, and type

A full stretching session should take between __________.

D. ten and twenty minutes

Explain why it is important to stretch slowly and why bouncing during stretching is very dangerous.

Stretching a muscle slowly prevents it from overextending and being damaged. When stretches occur too quickly, such as with bouncing, the muscle can be seriously damaged during the uncontrolled motions.

Compare and contrast static and dynamic flexibility.

Static is holding usually 30-60 seconds per stretch. Best way to increase your flexibility. Dynamic is movement based to loosen up joint.

Explain why static flexibility tests are more common than dynamic flexibility tests.

Static flexibility tests are more common than dynamic tests because they are easier to replicate. It is difficult to standardize motion-based tests between different subjects, while static tests are simple and easy to standardize because the metrics are fixed and not open to interpretation.

Describe a potential risk that distinguishes hurdle stretches performed with the leg pointed back from hurdle stretches with the leg inside.

Both types of hurdle stretches loosen up the hamstring in the same way. But the hurdle stretch with the leg pointed back puts sideways torque on the back knee and can result in injury. So while the potential benefit of the exercises are the same, one risks serious injury to the knee.

Why is a recovery period between bouts of exercise important?

B. Resting between workouts helps to prevent injuries.

Why do activities like yoga, ballet, and gymnastics require better than normal flexibility?

All of these activities involve assuming and holding precise forms and positions. Holding these controlled positions requires a level of static flexibility beyond that required by everyday activities.

Compare and contrast the exercise principles of progression and overload

Both progression and overload are concerned with slowly increasing the intensity and challenge of the exercises of a workout. Overload arises from the need to increase exercise intensity to maintain a challenging workout: as a body adapts to a given exercise level, the difficulty must be increased to keep challenging the body and making progress. Progression is closely related to overload and also requires that an exercise program gradually become more difficult. Progression, however, is focused on the increased goals of an exercise program rather than the adaptation of the human body.

Why are muscle and fat levels the only factors influencing flexibility impacted by personal decisions?

B. Age, gender, and joint structure cannot be changed.

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