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What is likely to happen to the ecosystem pictured below after a period of time?

The ecosystem will undergo primary succession followed by secondary succession.

Succession is always caused by natural events.


Which of the following is not a characteristic of a climax community?

experiences no change

Which of the following could be both a natural and a human cause of succession?


How are primary and secondary succession similar?

Both primary and secondary succession involve ecosystems recovering from a disruptive event.

Succession is affected by _______.

all of the above

Human impact on ecosystems would most likely lead to secondary succession over primary succession.


Which of the following is an example of a pioneer species?


How could climate change affect the ecosystems of the island nation of Samoa?

a and b

Pollution is the only way that humans can cause changes to ecosystems.


Fish populations and other aquatic resources are likely to be affected by changes in what aquatic factors?

all of the above

Which of the following could cause a habitat change?

all of the above

What effect can fertilizer runoff have on an aquatic ecosystem?

increased plant growth leading to a decrease in fish populations

Ecosystems have trouble adjusting to short-term changes.


Succession occurs when environmental factors affecting an ecosystem change.


Climate warming trends allow plant and insect species to inhabit larger ranges.


Why are there different theories about the effects of global warming?

Global climate is complex, so changes in global climate are hard to predict.

Changes to the global climate could include _______.

all of the above

Local environmental changes have no effect on the global climate.


Scientists disagree about the possible effects of global warming.


Some scientists believe that global warming will lead to an increase in disease and starvation.


Which of the following is not a current theory regarding global climate change?

Higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will have no effect.

The scientific explanation for global warming is very dependent on the _______ atom.


It is not possible for global warming to have any positive side effects.


"In a 2009 study, presented by the National Academy of Science, 97% of climate scientists agree that human activity is causing global warming." Which of the following statements is best supported by this study?

Most climate scientists believe that there is evidence that explains global warming.

Global warming is a theory accepted by a majority of scientists.


Which of the following is not a manmade cause of global warming?


In which major weather events of the 20th century did climate play a significant role?

Dust Bowl

Human activities _______.

exacerbate the natural greenhouse effect

Greenhouse gases are best described as _______.

gases that trap energy from the sun in Earth’s atmosphere

Which of the following best describes the impact of glaciers upon the surface of the earth?

Glaciers scraped across the surface and altered landscapes and the course of rivers.

Which of the following best explains why air pollution that was once blamed for global cooling is now considered responsible for global warming?

Scientists mistakenly thought pollution reflected sunlight and heat rather than absorbed it.

Africa was covered by glaciers during the Pleistocene ice age.


Which of the following is not a theory supporting global warming?

Carbon dioxide is an insignificant greenhouse gas.

Which of the following does not lead to an increase in phytoplankton reproduction?

increased oxygen levels

Which of the following is a negative effect of algal blooms on the environment?

consumption of water’s oxygen

Which of the following is not a way in which humans directly impact algal bloom production?


How does climate change lead to an increase in algal blooms?

Increased levels of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, leads to increased phytoplankton growth.

Which of the following theories concerning global climate change is the most widely accepted?

Global climate is changing due to burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.

Which of the following would not cause habitat change?

none of the above

Succession occurs because _______.

organisms gradually change the environment

Which of the following statements about secondary succession is true?

Secondary succession affects ecosystems that are already established.

Which of the following predictions about global climate change is directly related to an increase in the burning of fossil fuels?

global warming

Which of the following is not a consequence of the onset of early spring events?

acidic ocean water

Rising sea levels are a possible global consequence to a change in local environments.


Succession allows ecosystems to _______.

all of the above

Manmade global warming is caused by _______.


Natural disasters can have positive effects on an ecosystem.


Primary succession ________.

occurs in areas without soil

Which of the following is an example of a long-term change to ecosystems?


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