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It is advantageous for a predator to prey exclusively on a single prey species.


Transitions between biomes do not have to be sharp and sudden, which means that different biomes can share characteristics.


Deer run in zigzag patterns when being chased by predators.. What type of adaptation is this?

a. behavioral

While trees are no the largest level in the pyramid of numbers, they are still the base for both the pyramids of biomass and the pyramid of energy.


Organisms that have a physical trait that makes it easier for them to acess food supplies are unlikely to pass on the trait to their offspring


Which of the following is most likely to be a limiting factor for growth on the floor of a tropical rainforest?

c. sunlight

What types of organisms will be affected by a decreased supply of water in an ecosystem.

a. Producers, consumers, and decomposers will be affected.

A quaternary consumer species would be expected to have a smaller population than a secondary consumer species.


Which of the following represents change to an ecosystem brought about by abiotic factors?

a. the decrease in plant populations due to a decrease in the available water supply

Which of the following is not a part of Darwins theory of evolution?

a. changes in organisms occur immediately.

What discovery led Darwin to develop his theories on adaptation?

c. the birds Darwin found in the Galapagos were different types of finches, not separate types of birds.

Use the concept of natural selection to explain why organisms typically adapt over time.

Natural selection is the process by which organisms which are not as well adapted to their environment do not survive long enough to pass their less favorable traits on to the next generation of their species. Eventually, the more favorable traits are incorporated into a species as the organisms that had those traits survive while the ones who do not die. This process takes time because it occurs through individuals with the favorable traits passing those traits on to future generations. Typically, the less favorable traits will not be eradicated in one generation.

What is the purpose of hibernation?

Hibernation is an adaptation that allows animals to survive cold temperatures when food is scarce. Hibernating animals slow their metabolism so that they use less energy, which enables them to live off fat storage until the air is warmer.

Darwin thought the birds he collected from the Galapagos were different types of birds, but he learned that they were different types of finches that each came from a different island in the Galapagos. What was the significance of that discovery?

The different types of islands had varying conditions. The finches had adapted to their environment, which is why Darwin believed that they were different types of birds rather than different types of finches.

In what year was ON the Origion of Species published?

d. 1859

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