tobacco use

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According to the 2011 National Health Interview Survey what percentage of American aged 18 and older are current smokers (smoke every day or most days)

African America

Which of the following ethnic groups has the highest rate of smokeless tobacco use?

Nicotine Addiction

The primary reason people continue to use tobacco despite the health risks is


What percentage of smokers say they want to quite completely?

2 to 3 days

Most of the symptoms of physical dependence on tobacco pass in


The average age at which Americans begin to smoke is

Carbon monoxide

An ingredient in tobacco smoke that seriously limits the body’s ability to use oxygen is


A chemical that causes cancer only in combination with another chemical is called a

Are likely to begin smoking more cigarettes

Smokers who switch to low-tar or low-nicotine cigarettes

Coronary heart disease

Which of the following is the most common cause of death among smokers?

Angina pectoris

Which of the following is a type of chest pain due to coronary heart disease?


Loss of lung tissue elasticity of

leaves delicate membranes exposed to injury inhaled in the smoke

Cigarette smoke first slows then destroys cilia which

Smokers are ill more frequently than nonsmokers

Which of the following best describes the long-term effects of tobacco use?


Female smokers are at higher risk for than male smokers for all of the followings health effects EXCEPT


White or re patches that appear in the mouth as a result of using spit tobacco are called ____ which can lead to oral cancer

They may contain some of the same harmful substances as cigarettes

Which of the following best describes e-cigarettes?


Smoke that smokers exhale is referred to as ____ smoke

All of the above

In a room where someone is smoking the smoke in the air contains 85% side stream smoke. Because this is not filtered through the smokers filter or lings, it contains:

Related to the respiratory system

The primary effects of ETS on children are

Maternal smoking causes hundreds of infant deaths each year

Which of the following best describes the relationship between smoking and pregnancy?

Most smokers attempt to quit several times before they finally succeed

Which of the following best describes the quitting process?


Which of the following smoking cessations productions is an antidepressant as well as a smoking cessation aid?

All of the above, no single method works for everyone, but each does work for some people some of the time

To increase the chance for success when attempting to quit smoking, you could

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