Time Management

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One way to help budget time is to tell others that you will not take calls during certain times.


Committed time includes time needed for all of the following EXCEPT:

playing sports

The amount of sleep you get will have little effect on your ability to perform tasks.


When learning to manage time, it is important to reward yourself for accomplishing goals.


Which of the following is important to take into consideration when organizing day-to-day priorities?

remembering the small things

Competitive sports are a form of active leisure.


It is a good idea to read or exchange text messages during all of the following times EXCEPT:

while driving a car

Passive leisure is just as beneficial as active leisure.


When setting your schedule, it is sometimes necessary to tell people "No."


Free time takes priority over committed time.


All the following are techniques to manage time effectively EXCEPT:

measuring and calculating.

Setting goals that match your lifestyle helps improve chances that they will be reached.


Which of the following is most important when setting goals?

Goals should be difficult but realistic.

All of the following are steps toward effective time management EXCEPT:

Allowing yourself to sleep until you wake up.

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