THE2000 Asian American Theatre Quiz

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(M. Butterfly) When Gallimard is home in Paris, he complains about the young protestors. They probably remind him of the ___.

Red Guard

(M. Butterfly) Why did Gallimard lose his position in the consulate in Beijing?

his analysis was ultimately wrong

(M. Butterfly) What name does Song pick for their "child"?


How is M. Butterfly different from the plot of Madam Butterfly?

a man dies for a woman’s love

In the clip from the Chinese opera San-Cha-Kou (Fight at Crossroads Inn), we see a good example of ___.

a convention

Today, Chinese opera is more popular than it was in the 17th century.


The title of the play, M. Butterfly reflects the French abbreviation for Madame.


In the first theatre company video, an actor from the Asian American Theater Company talks about his experience with two-dimensional Asian characters.


Why was there resentment about Chinese immigration in the 19th century?

economic competition

(M. Butterfly) What does Gallimard do at the end of the play to prove his philosophy about love?

kills himself

Although there have been casting problems in the past, contemporary Asian actors make up a high percentage of Broadway roles.


In M. Butterfly, Gallimard eventually find his mistress Renee "unacceptable" because she is not modest.


During the Cultural Revolution, schools were closed and teachers and intellectuals were attacked and killed by paramilitary units known as ___ .

the Red Guard

M. Butterfly begins with Gallimard in a Paris jail call. What is the charge?


Where does the entire action of M. Butterfly take place?


In Chinese opera, makeup reveals ___.


(M. Butterfly) Who is Pinkerton?

the cruel American from Madame Butterfly

(M. Butterfly) At the beginning of Song and Gallimard’s relationship, what strategy does Gallimard use that supposedly breaks her strong will?

he ignores her letters

The Asian-American Theatre Company and the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre are important because they ___.

created opportunities for Asian theatre artists

(M. Butterfly) What is Gallimard’s reaction in the last scene when Song reveals himself physically as a man?

he laughs

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