The Science of Biology

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The statement "The worm is 2 centimeters long" is a(n)


What is an observation?

A logical interpretation of an observation

To be useful in science. a hypothesis must be what?


How many variables are tested in a controlled experiment at a time?

One variable is tested at a time

What are the goals of science?

1)Investigate/understand the natural world 2)Explain events in the natural world 3)Use those explanations to make predictions

How does an observation about an object differ from an inference about that object?

An observation is what you actually see happening. An inference is the conclusions you draw from that observation.

How does a hypothesis help scientists understand the natural world?

Hypothesis’s help you make an educated guess which then you can reach a logical conclusion about the natural world easier.

Why does it make sense for scientists to test just one variable at a time in an experiment?

It makes sense for scientists to just test one variable at a time in an experiment because if you change more than one variable, you wouldn’t know which variable was responsible for any observation effects.

What is the difference between an experimental group and a controlled group?

Experimental group- Is the group in an experiment that receives the variable being tested,1 variable being tested Controlled group- Does not receive the test variable.

What steps are involved in drawing a conclusion?

Look at the information, Make connections between the information, write down any connections found,then draw a conclusion based on the information and connections found.

How can a graph of data be more informative than a table of the same data?

A graph is more informative because it is a visual representation of what is going on in the experiment.

A skeptical attitude in science means what?

A new idea will only be accepted if it is backed up by evidence.

The purpose of peer review in science is to ensure what?

To ensure that the results of the experiments are correct.

What is a scientific theory?

A well tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations.

Why are scientific theories useful?

They are useful because they enable scientists to make accurate predictions about new situations.

Why aren’t theories considered absolute truths?

They are not considered absolute truth because science is always changing, a theory maybe revised or replaced by more useful explantions.

What is the process in which two cells from different parents unite to produce the first cell of a new organism called?

Sexual Reproduction.

What is the process by which organisms keep their internal conditions relatively stable called?


How are unicellular and multicellular organisms alike? How are they different?

Both have basic unit of life (cell). Which means they both ingest food,respire, and get rid of waste. Multicellular organisms are bigger than unicellular organisms. Unicellular has a single cell but multicellular have more than one cell.

What is an example of the changes that take place as cells in a multicellular organism differentiate?

As an organism changes from a single zygote to a complex system of tissues and cell types.

What are 3 examples of stimuli that a bird reacts to? `

1) Temperature 2) Weather conditions 3) Food availability

Who is a researchers group work peer reviewed by?

Anonymous scientific experts

What characteristics are not shared by both a horse and the grass he eats?

Movement from place to place

What is not true about a scientific theory?

It has the same meaning in science as it does in daily life.

If a scientist sees a new bird and careful notes on the birds color,shape, and other physical features.What aspect of scientific thinking is most apparent in this situation?


Unlike sexual reproduction, asexual reproduction involves what?

One parent

What is one meter equal to?

1000 millimeters

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