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Which best describe the tenets of the Bush Doctrine of the early 2000s?

unilateralism, idealism

Which foreign affairs policy includes a specific focus on fostering democracy?

the New World Order

What was the biggest challenge in foreign policy facing US presidents in the 1990s?

the terrorist attacks on the United States

What was the first country to feel the effects of George W. Bush’s approach to foreign affairs referred to as the Bush Doctrine (or the doctrine of preemption)?


What is the main criticism of campaigns for third party candidates in US elections?

They build platforms based on single issues.

What issue is increasingly important as the average age of Americans increases?

funding for Social Security

What was the historical significance of Barack Obama’s election in 2008?

He was the first African American elected president.

Which law allowed Theodore Roosevelt to set aside federal land for conservation?

Conservation Act

Which best describes the relationship between the Afghan-Soviet conflict of the 1980s and the U.S.-Iraq conflict that began in 2003?

The Soviet action was condemned by other global powers, whereas the United States had a high degree of multilateral support.

What was a criticism of the USA Patriot Act when first enacted?

It went too far in allowing the government to gather intelligence on private conversations of U.S. citizens.

Which was NOT a reason for the decline in support for President Bush’s policies during his second term?

Multiple weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.

Why did the United States go to war against Iraq in 2003?

Iraq was believed to have weapons of mass destruction.

In which scandal was Lt. Colonel Oliver North implicated?

Iran-Contra affair

On the day that President Reagan was inagurated, which nation released 66 hostages that had been held prisoner, up until that day.


What term did historians apply to Reagan’s efforts on the economic front?


What was the name given to Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy?

the Reagan Doctrine

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